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cable-management-330In this brief and high stimulating video, I show how I organised all the cables in my Coolermaster 690ii Advanced Computer Case from my "How to Build a Fast Computer for Video Editing in 2011" video.

I think Cable Management is a reflection of your personality and state of mind at the time of building your computer. You can make it look like it was built in a BMW factory, or you can slap it up rough as guts and simply make do. Most people will probably organise their cables somewhere in between these two extremes.

Just use your common sense and make sure their is no pressure being exerted on any of the connectors - especially connections on your Motherboard. If you have your cables pulling at 90 degrees to the Motherboard connectors, they most likely could break away from the PCB and break your computer.

Go to you local hardware store and make sure you get a good bundle of small to medium sized cable ties - the more cable ties you use, the better the job will look.

Here are the links to both parts of the Computer Build videos:
How to Build a Computer in 2011 for Fast Video Editing & Gaming Part 1/2
How to Build a Computer in 2011 for Fast Video Editing & Gaming Part 2/2

All the best with your Computer Build :)

 Video Tutorial 

Watch video Cable Management for How to Build a Computer (2011 Edition) on YouTube directly through this link or play below and set to Fullscreen 1080p HD

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