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Beginners Guide to MS Platinum 13Learn short cuts and how to start editing with Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 video editing software.

This is the perfect first tutorial to watch, if you have just purchased Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 and are officially feeling overwhelmed and freaking out quite a lot ! In this tutorial I teach you how to use all the most common editing tools and functions in the program. I also explain the full workflow for making a project from the very beginning, right to the end.

This is one of those tutorials where it is far better to simply watch the video than read confusing explanations, so make a cup of tea or crack open some beers and enjoy this lengthy jam packed video tutorial.

Topics Covered in this Tutorial

  • How to Set Project Properties
  • How to Match Media Settings
  • How to Import Media
  • How to Split, Cut and Delete Video
  • How to Copy and Paste
  • How to control Video Levels
  • How to change Audio Volume Levels
  • How to create a Transition
  • How to Fade In/Out Video and Audio
  • How to set the Preview Window
  • How to set the Movie Studio Preferences for GPU Acceleration
  • How to add more Video and Audio Tracks
  • How to Render Video and Make Movies

Which Video Region do you live in ?

You need to tell Movie Studio which region you live in or what type of camera you use. There are three main video systems being used on Planet Earth - NTSC, PAL and SECAM. If you are un-sure as to which system your country/region uses, then please refer to this excellent map on Wikipedia.


Please note that if you are in a SECAM country, you can also use the PAL System. So always choose PAL in Movie Studio settings.

 Video Tutorial 

Watch video Beginners Guide for Movie Studio Platinum 13 on YouTube directly through this link or play below and set to Fullscreen 1080p HD

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How to Render 1080p HD Video in Movie Studio Platinum 13

Review of Sony Movie Studio Suite 13

Review of Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13

Rendering 1080p HD VideoUsing Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13, I show how to prepare and render 1080p HD video for YouTube.

*Video tutorial is at bottom of article

Learning how to render your video projects is ultimately the most important step in any project. If you can't create a high quality video at the end of editing a project, it can be very disappointing. So now I will take you through all the steps from beginning to end with no step skipped. Please note that the templates I am about to show you, are not limited to just making YouTube or Facebook videos. The output is very good quality and can also be used for playback on your home computer or TV.

Step 1: Using the New Project Wizard

Movie Studio Platinum 13chromeman-75x75 includes a New Project Wizard which makes it very easy to get started with a new project. It includes all the major templates for different project output types. I have tried many different templates over the years, but the one I prefer to use almost every time is the Match Media Settings. This gives the best results almost every time, so that's what I am going to teach you right now.

  1. Select Match Media Settings.
  2. Press Browse and look for the main video you would like to use for your New Project - select it.
  3. Name your project.
  4. CHECK Manage Project Files.

Steps 3 & 4, will make sure you have a proper folder structure for your project to live in. This comes in very handy in the future, when you are looking for older projects and trying to find your videos.

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Movie Studio Suite 13Sony's Movie Studio Suite 13 is a workshop for creating your Video and Audio productions from beginning to end.

*Video review at bottom of article

Movie Studio Suite 13 is Sony's best consumer grade production workshop they have created so far.

Why do I say that ? Because the classic "Suite" version of their Movie Studio software now includes everything you need to edit and create your video and audio productions. The Suite is a collection of Sony's best consumer grade software programs, bundled with a neat collection of bonus features and plugins.

Programs included in Movie Studio Suite 13

Bonus Features included with Suite 13

  • New Blue Fx Titler EX - 3D Titles and Text generation tool
  • New Blue Fx Video Fx and Transitions
  • Hitfilm Video Fx
  • Boris Continuum Video Fx - 2x collections
  • Izotope Vocal Eraser Tool
  • Studio Devil British Valve Fx
  • True Pianos plugin
  • 1001 Sony Sonund Effects
  • Sony Sound Series Sampler collection
  • Custom Sound Sets and Songs collection
  • Loops and Songs collection
  • One free download from Sony's Loops and Samples collection
  • Movie Studio Platinum Getting Started Tutorials
  • Sound Forge Audio Studio Getting Started Tutorials

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