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compressing-video-330Using DVD Architect I show how to compress and fit a long video onto a DVD, by calculating customized Bit Rates and pre-rendering the video.

There are two ways you can compress and fit videos onto a single DVD. In this tutorial I will be showing you an Advanced Method that will give you the highest quality video possible. There is also a much simpler method you can follow by using an inbuilt tool within the DVD Architect program, however the results may not be as good. Follow this link for easy method.

I will be using three programs during this tutorial. Sony Vegas Pro 12, DVD Architect Pro 6.0 and Mark's DVD Bit Rate Calculator. You can also use Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 and DVD Architect Studio 5.0 instead of the Pro versions. My instructions will work exactly the same in Movie Studio Platinum and DVD Architect Studio.

Steps involved

These are the steps you will follow in this tutorial. Please remember to watch the video tutorial at the bottom of this article, which contains much more detailed information.

1. You may need to use a video converter if the videos you want to import into Movie Studio are using a video codec that Movie Studio cannot read. Convert them first, then import.
Watch this tutorial here, if you need more help with this topic.

2. Create and Edit your project in Movie Studio.

3. Improve your videos by adding some colour correction and remove any black borders.

4. Use the Bit Rate Calculator to get custom bit rates, so you can render a Video for DVD to a very precise file size that fill fit perfectly onto a single disc.

4. Use Render As to create a new video with custom bit rates

5. Import new video created with Movie Studio Platinum or Sony Vegas Pro into DVD Architect Studio or DVD Architect Pro

6. Burn your DVD

Why would you want to compress/fit a video onto a DVD ?

chromeman-75x75Many people record programs off the TV or save videos from YouTube and would like to store them on a DVD. If you attempt to fit anything longer than 60 minutes of video onto a DVD, you will soon discover that this can be a frustrating and wasteful task when you work out how many discs you will need.

A standard 4.7GB Single Layer blank DVD like a DVD-R or DVD+R can only hold one hour of good quality MPEG2 Video. These discs can be purchased in bulk spindles for an extremely reasonable price and are the most common you will find.

Dual Layer 8.5GB recordable DVDs like DVD-DL can fit up to two hours of good quality video, however they are a lot more expensive to buy than their Single Layer smaller Brothers.

So the best solution is to learn how to compress your videos so that you can store up to double the amount of video on the same size disc. With the method I am about to show you, you will be able to fit 2 hours of video on a 4.7GB DVD and 4 hours of video on an 8.5GB DVD.

DVD Bit Rate Calculator

This is the most important tool that you must have to follow along with this tutorial. Mark's DVD Bit Rate Calculator is a little app that will automatically calculate the exact Bit Rate settings you will need to make your videos smaller in file size. There are other apps like this floating around the Internet, so you are welcome to use something else if you find something that does just as good a job. Click the download link below, un-zip the file and then install.

Press here for Download► zipbitcalc110.zip

In my video tutorial I show exactly how to calculate your Bit Rates using the app. You will use this calculator AFTER you have created and edited your project in Sony Vegas Pro or Movie Studio Platinum. This is because you need to know the exact length in time the video project will be. Once you know what the time value is, you can then do your calculations with the Bit Rate application. The three Recommended Bit Rates will be entered into Custom Settings window for your Mainconcept MPEG2 Render As template. More about that in a moment.

bit rate calculator

Improving the Quality of your Video Project in Vegas

In the video tutorial I show a few ways you can improve the quality of your video, before you render it into an MPEG2 Video file. I show how to do the following:

  • Add some simple Colour Correction
  • Crop the video using the Event Pan/Crop Tool
  • Adjust the Audio to remove any clipping
  • Add Chapter Points to make it easier for Fast Forwarding in a DVD Player

Rendering the Video to MPEG2 and AC3 Dolby Digital Audio

Now that you have reached this stage, you can finally use the customized Bit Rate settings to compress/fit your video perfectly onto a Single DVD.

Whenever you prepare a video that will be added to DVD Architect, you always render the Video and Audio Files separately. This is just the way it is done and gives the best results.

If you are unfamiliar with this workflow, you can read an in-depth article that already exists on Movie Studio Zen or just follow along when you watch my video tutorial.
How do I render video in Vegas Movie Studio for DVDs using DVD Architect Studio

mpeg2 renderas

Render As window in Sony Vegas Pro 12 showing MPEG2 Rendering Templates

custom settings

Here is a screen shot from Sony Vegas Pro 12 showing where you input the Bit Rate settings.

ac3 render

Here is the best Audio Template to use to make your Audio Track

Importing Video into DVD Architect Pro 6.0 or DVD Architect Studio 5.0

Now you are at the final step. Open DVD Architect and create a New Project.

Make sure to select the correct template that matches the type of MPEG2 Video you created with Vegas Pro 12.

Next you can Import just the Video file you rendered. You don't have to worry about the Audio file, because DVD Architect will automatically match and import it for you.

Refer to some of my older tutorials on how to use DVD Architect if you are unsure about how to make Menus. You can press this link here for the full list:

Once you have finshed you can burn your disc. The End.

 Video Tutorial 

Watch video How to Compress and Fit a Long Video onto a DVD using Sony Vegas Pro 12 on YouTube directly through this link or play below and set to Fullscreen 1080p HD

saving-yt-videos-330Using Realplayer you can Download Videos and convert Flash video into an different format.

Then you will be able edit it with Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 or Sony Vegas Pro 12 and create a brand new video which can then be turned into a DVD or just kept on your computer.

This tutorial is in three parts and includes a Video Tutorial at the very bottom of page.
You will learn:

  • How to use RealPlayer and SpeedBit Video Accelerator
  • How to convert video using Any Video Converter
  • How to Import your converted video into Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 or Sony Vegas Pro 12

Which program can you use to download YouTube Videos ?

chromeman-75x75There is no direct download this video function on YouTube, so if you want to Save a YT video to your computer you will need to install a program to do this for you.

There are a large number of programs and apps you can use to download and save videos from the any website that hosts video. The program I have been using for many years now is Realplayer. Realplayer is available in two different versions:

Read more...

youtube-banner-330In this tutorial I show how to design your 2013 YouTube Channel Banner so that it conforms to the new layout design and specifications that are being implemented for all channels.

I will be using Photoshop to do the actual design work, but you could use another program if you wish.

Google takes the knife to everyone's Channel Design in it's 200th+ Facelift of YouTube

chromeman-75x75That's right. The YouTube Channel design is changing yet again !

Google has now managed to do what Phyllis Diller and Jocelyn Wildenstein could only dream of - experience a hundred life times of plastic surgery in the space of just a few short years. For anyone who is a fan of the British Sci Fi TV show Dr Who and familiar with the character Lady Cassandra, don't be shocked if you hear your channel page crying out "Moisturise Me, Moisturise Me !"

Lady Cassandra had her life extended through a series of 708 plastic surgery operations until she was nothing but a piece of skin stretched onto a frame, with eyes and a mouth, connected to a brain in a designer jar filled with a preserving solution. Her skin had to be constantly moisturised to keep it from drying out.

lady cassandra

Anyone that has been on YouTube for last couple of years will know that Google is obsessed with continually changing the layout and functionality of YouTube.

The new channel design will mean the end of anyone being able to place artwork in the background of their channel. Whether you are a YouTube Partner or not, everyone will have to comply with this latest change.

I have not being able to confirm this, but I believe the design will become compulsory as of 1st April 2013 - April Fool's Day. I am not joking.

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