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pre-play-video-330In this tutorial I show how to add a Pre-Play/Auto-Play Video that automatically plays before the Menu appears, after you insert a DVD or BluRay Disc into your player.

I will be using Sony DVD Architect Studio 5.0 for the video tutorial.

Adding a pre-play video is very simple indeed. Anyone that has watched a DVD or BluRay Disc will know about the dreaded Intro Videos that play automatically before the Main Menu screen appears. Often there are a series of short videos that play one after the other. After watching this tutorial you will know how to create a DVD that works just like this.

Adding Extra Pre-Play Videos

In the actual video I made, I did not show how to add more than one pre-play video. If this is something you would like to do, then the process is very easy. Just keep adding as many "Intro" or "Pre-Play" videos as you like. Make sure the one you want to have play first has the little "Star" assigned to it. There is an Icon at the top you can press to make this happen.

Then you will have to set the destination for what happens after the first video finishes playing. Simply click on top of the first video in the Root Menu list and then go over to the right hand side of the screen to the properties box for the video. Select the END ACTION tab and then chnage the destination to the next pre-play video. Kepp doing this process over and over again for each pre-play video you add. Just make sure that the very last pre-play video has the destination set to the Main Menu, which is normally "Menu 1".

 Video Tutorial 

Watch video How to Insert an Intro Video Pre-Play before your DVD Menu appears on YouTube directly through this link or play below and set to Fullscreen 1080p HD

dvd-home-button-330In this tutorial I will show you how to create a Home Button for a DVD Menu using DVD Architect Studio 5.0

When you create a complex Menu System for a DVD Architect Studio project, you quite often need to create many navigation buttons to make moving around your DVD a lot easier for the user. As you add more and more Sub-Menus, you need to learn how to change the "address" for each navigation button you add. Basically you tell DVD Architect what should happen when someone presses a button.

If you are a new user of DVD Architect Studio 5.0, it can be a little overwhelming when you first start out. Once you learn how to assign functions to each Button and Menu item, it becomes much easier to create fantastic menus for you DVDs. Your friends, family and business clients will be totally amazed with just how professional your DVDs are.

 Video Tutorial 

Watch video How to Create a Home Button using DVD Architect Studio 5.0 on YouTube directly through this link or play below and set to Fullscreen 1080p HD

missing-files-330In this tutorial I am going to show you how to Import an Old Project made with an older version of Sony Vegas Pro or Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum.

Then how to Re-Save it in the New Project Folder for the New Version of Vegas you have just installed. I am also going to show you what happens when Media Files go missing and Vegas cannot load your old project properly into your Newer Version of Vegas.

Please note that this is not something that you really need to do unless you are working on an existing older project using your newly installed version of Vegas.

Searching for Lost Files

Poor file management can lead to mass confusion when using any version of Vegas. If you move folders around on your computer and forget that there are media files in these folders that are being used in Old or New Vegas Projects, then next time you Open these projects up, you will discover that you have missing files.

When this happens, Vegas cannot load up your project until you have found the new location of your files. Fortunately Vegas has an inbuilt Search Wizard which will help you locate any missing files. Once all these files have been found, you then need to RE-SAVE the project immediately so that the new file locations are locked in. The reason why I have just rambled on about this topic, is because it is not uncommon for this scenerio to occur when Transferring Old Projects into a New Project Folder - especially when you buy or build a new computer and start transferring all your old files onto new hard drives.

 Video Tutorial 

Watch video How to Move Old Projects and Find Missing Files when working with a New Version of Sony Vegas on YouTube directly through this link or play below and set to Fullscreen 1080p HD


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