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Q: Why is only a small part of my Video Rendering or nothing at all ?

Answer: Most likely you have "Render Loop Region Only" selected by accident in the "Render As" window.

Three different scenarios normally indicate this problem.

1. Only a section of the project has rendered.

2. All that has rendered is a black screen.

3. The video has rendered OK, but when it gets to where the end should be, the video just keeps going and going, showing just a black screen.

This is a very common problem for new users of Vegas. If this has just happened to you, then welcome to the Club !!!

I remember this being one of this first big headaches I experienced when I first started to learn how to use Vegas Movie Studio. Please watch the video tutorial I made explaining how to fix this problem. Once you learn what this tool does, it can actually become a very useful friend and not a foe, when you want to test small portions of your project during the editing process.

What a Loop Region looks like on the timeline

render loop region only1

Here is where the Setting is hiding in the Render As window - turn it OFF !

render loop region only2

If you used the Make Movie function instead of Render As, here is where the setting is hiding - turn it OFF !

render loop region only3

▼▼▼ Watch Video Tutorial ▼▼▼

This information applies to all versions of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum and Sony Vegas Pro.


duhmez Kunena Avatar   18.04.2014 20:30
Why is only a small part of my Video Rendering ? Yes No Duhmez here from Youtube. you have made my day with this faq. I did not know I could turn off that bastard loop region setting. Also by total accident this video also cured another problem I was having, I wanted to be able to render just a piece of audio right to wav from the timeline and I had no idea how to do it. Now I know I can just use a loop region. That is because I am cheap and use my old assed but still very functional 1997 Cool Edit Pro, rather than using the integrated Movie Studo Suites Sound Forge.

Derek Kunena Avatar   18.04.2014 22:05
Why is only a small part of my Video Rendering ? Yes No Glad to help.
Accidentally having Render Loop Region Only turned ON, is the No.1 most common problem that drives people crazy. That included myself many years ago now.
All the best :)
Duhmez Kunena Avatar   19.04.2014 19:41
Why is only a small part of my Video Rendering ? Yes No To further add to my confusion, somehow it was rending the full video just right without me setting it, it seemed to know where the end was, but then one day it got stuck in the wrong position and from then on I just dragged it around manually for every video, having to remember every time to do it. But then 2 or 3 times I forgot and had to rerender.
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