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Q: Why is only a small part of my Video Rendering or nothing at all ?

Answer: Most likely you have "Render Loop Region Only" selected by accident in the "Render As" window.

Three different scenarios normally indicate this problem.

1. Only a section of the project has rendered.

2. All that has rendered is a black screen.

3. The video has rendered OK, but when it gets to where the end should be, the video just keeps going and going, showing just a black screen.

This is a very common problem for new users of Vegas. If this has just happened to you, then welcome to the Club !!!

I remember this being one of this first big headaches I experienced when I first started to learn how to use Vegas Movie Studio. Please watch the video tutorial I made explaining how to fix this problem. Once you learn what this tool does, it can actually become a very useful friend and not a foe, when you want to test small portions of your project during the editing process.

What a Loop Region looks like on the timeline

render loop region only1

Here is where the Setting is hiding in the Render As window - turn it OFF !

render loop region only2

If you used the Make Movie function instead of Render As, here is where the setting is hiding - turn it OFF !

render loop region only3

▼▼▼ Watch Video Tutorial ▼▼▼

This information applies to all versions of Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum and Sony Vegas Pro.


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