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Q: Why is sound only coming out of One Speaker (Left or Right Channel) when I use Sony Movie Studio or Sony Vegas Pro ?

Answer: In Vegas you should check the PAN slider for each Audio Track - this controls the stereo nature and should be in the middle position by default. If you have accidentally moved the slider for Pan Controls, sound will ONLY come out of ONE speaker.

Sound Channels 7Pan Slider set to Left Channel Only

Sound Channels 8

Pan Slider set to Center for Balanced Stereo Sound 

Strange Video Codecs

Another problem can come from the type of video you import into Vegas, which may be a strange codec that Vegas cannot decode properly.

How to Change from Left and Right Channel settings

Right-click on any Audio Track and select Channels.
There are five modes - Both is Default.

  • Both
  • Left Only
  • Right Only
  • Combine
  • Swap

Sound-Channels-1Channel Controls

Windows Sound Driver Settings

Your computers Sound Driver software is normally accessed in the bottom left toolbar on the desktop. There will be one or two speaker icons there you can press or right-click to access detailed controls. Make sure your Main Speakers are set to default. Sometimes webcams or microphones connected to your computer, can default the Sound Controls to incorrect values.

sound-channels-2The Speaker Icon is where you access
the controls for your Windows Sound Driver


sound-channels-4Select Playback Devices


As you can see on my computer there are
4 choices for the Default Playback Device.
Make sure you have the right device selected

sound-channels-6Right-clicking on the Device gives you the ability to
Enable/Disable it and also to go deeper into it's Properties - have a look !


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    Phil · 12:33 24/02/2016
    My problem appears only after making the film. In the Sony Vegas Panel itself there is no problem.
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      Gary · 01:38 03/03/2016
      I have the same problem after upgrading to Windows 10 Vegas 10 (which worked great under Windows 7) movie panel indicates all is normal with both audio channels. However, when the movie is made and saved all I get is the left channel. Importing the movie back into Vegas 10 shows only left channel audio was saved not matter the format. If I do the same thing with Windows Movie Maker I get both channels. This continues even after uninstalling and reinstalling Vegas 10 in Windows 10. So, what the heck is Vegas not doing in Windows 10 that it did in 7? Is there an incompatibility issue?
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        • Member
        • Moderator
        · 02:38 03/03/2016
        I no longer have Sony Vegas Pro 10 installed, so I can't make a comment about that.
        Vegas Pro 12 and Vegas Pro 13 both work 100% OK in Windows 10.
        I used Windows 10 for almost 9 months during the Beta testing phase before the actual release.
        Your problem may be a Driver problem on your computer to do with your Sound Card / Sound Device.
        If you computer is quite old, they may not have released compatible sound drivers for Windows 10. I had the same problem during testing on Windows 10. However eventually the makers of my Sound Card released a new Windows 10 driver and then audio worked properly again.
        The other things you should check in Vegas is here:
        Go to Options/Preferences/Audio Device
        Make sure Device Type is set to Windows Classic Wave Driver and then also make sure settings below are configured properly.
        Also check Windows Audio settings, by right-clicking Small Speaker icon at bottom right corner of Windows Taskbar. Go deep into all controls and make sure it is configured correctly.
        Last thing to check if none of the above works, is to post problem on Windows 10 Insiders Forum.

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