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Q: Where is the Izotope Vocal Eraser that comes with Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite ?

Answer: The Izotope Vocal Eraser Tool is a third party plugin that comes only with the "Suite" version of Movie Studio Platinum 12. The Tool is designed to work with Sony Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0, which is the extra program that comes packaged with the Suite Version.

How to Install the Vocal Eraser

The Izotope Vocal Eraser does not automatically install with Movie Studio Platinum 12 or Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0. You have to install it separately just like another program. It is often easily missed and can drive a new user crazy trying to find the installation file. There are two ways to find the file - Download direct from Sony or install from an Installation Disc.

Installing from Download Link

If you bought Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite as a Download direct from Sony Creative Software, then you will need to Login to your Sony Creative Software Account first.

Then select "My Account" in the Top Menu
Select "My Orders"
Find your order and and select "View Order"
The Vocal Eraser Plug-in download link is a minor link listed under the Sound Forge Audio Studio link, as shown in the screen shot below.

download page

Installing from the Installation Disc

I haven't bought a Hard Copy version of Movie Studio for many years, as it is cheaper to buy the discounted upgrade package as a Download, if you already own an older version of Movie Studio like myself. I am not sure how the latest Installation Disc Wizard presents itself, since I don't have a hard copy version of the software.

If there is no installation option listed in the Install Wizard for the Vocal Eraser Tool, then you will have to manually open up the installation disc and search for the following file: sfas10_vocaleraser.exe

To manually Open the Install Disc, insert it into your computer. If the Windows Auto-Play window pops up, DON'T SELECT "Run Auto Run.exe - instead select "Open Folder to View Files".

Then look for the file listed above. It maybe located in the Additional Software folder. Once you have found it, simply double click this file sfas10_vocaleraser.exe and the Vocal Eraser will install itself into Sound Forge Audio Studio.

If you haven't installed the following extras yet, you can do so now from inside the disc:

  • Magic Bullet Quick Looks 32bit
  • Magic Bullet Quick Looks 64bit
  • NewBlueFX 3D Titling and Video Fx
  • 50 Production Music Soudtracks
  • Movie Studio Platinum Suite Tutorials

Location of Izotope Vocal Eraser Tool in Sound Forge Audio Studio 10.0

You must first Import an Audio Track to work with by selecting OPEN, before the link will become activated.

opening audio file

The Vocal Eraser tool is located in TOOLS, in the top menu.

vocal eraser link

This is what the Vocal Eraser Tool looks like.

vocal eraser window


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    Marty Meszaros · 20:50 07/01/2015
    I recenty purchased suite 13 and it was advertized as having hte vocal eraser included and it came with a serial number.
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      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 21:43 07/01/2015
      So are you asking a question or making a statement ?
      If you can't find the plugin, manually open the 2nd installation disc and look for file that says this "sfas10_vocaleraser.exe" - this is the app. Double-click to begin installation process.
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    Ron · 02:14 16/01/2014
    I've done as described using the bonus disc that came packaged with Platinum Suite 12. But when I go to use the Eraser (or the restoration) tool, a window opens prompting me to register the tool. I follow directions, but it rejects the serial number given in a package insert. The tool can still be used, but for how long? Suggestions appreciated.
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      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 12:56 16/01/2014
      Hi Ron
      You will have to contact Sony and fill out a Support Request Form.
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        Ron · 13:22 27/01/2014
        I was finally able to activate the Eraser, using the serial number that came with my boxed package.

        However, on the iZotope Audio Enhancer, for the sake of future searchers, here's the deal on this: When you purchase Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite and establish an online account with Sony Creative Software, and activate the bundle components (Movie Studio, Sound Forge Studio, and DVD Architect) you of course get access to download links in your account. Among the links in the SoundForge section is one for the Audio Enhancer. You can install it, but it does not come with a serial number, so there is no way to activate it, and neither iZotope nor Sony will supply one. Sony (chat session) claims that it is "not advertised" to be part of the bundle and so is not really available. What happens is they offer you an upgrade for another $10, and turns out the upgrade consists simply of the necessary serial number to activate that one plug. They claim the plug is not advertised as part of the bundle, and so one should not expect it to be included. I claim that if it appears as a download in my account, then it's reasonable to assume it *is* part of the bundle.

        Others can decide for themselves whether they consider this a deceptive marketing ploy. Now that Suite 13 is out, this may all be moot, but the experience leaves me with a sour feeling about Sony Creative Software.

        [QUOTE=Derek:1032]Hi Ron
        You will have to contact Sony and fill out a Support Request Form.[/QUOTE]

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