Q: I am Rendering a Video for a DVD and it is going on for ever and ever and not finishing. What am I doing wrong?

Answer: You probably are not doing anything wrong at all ! There is a small bug that ONLY affects rendering for all the MPEG2 DVD Templates. This bug only affects particular versions of Movie Studio Platinum and Vegas Pro.

The problem is caused by a setting in the Vegas Preferences being made higher than the default value.

Go to OptionsPreferencesVideo tab
Set the Dynamic RAM Preview back to 200MBs only !

Now go back and try rendering your video again. Everything should work just fine now and you will now see a very quick render.

If you still experience problems after defaulting the Dynamic RAM Preview value, there is another setting you could try changing as well. Try setting GPU Acceleration of Video Processing to OFF.



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    Dick · 09:31 05/08/2013
    lI also am having problems with rendering time. I did set the dynamic RAM preview to 200MB. But, the dialog does not show GPU acceleration (Movie Studio HD platinum 10) so I cannot adjust this. Also, your illustration shows maximum number of rendering threads as 16. Mine will not go higher than 4.

    I set a 14 min loop in the middle of my project and, with video and audio quality set at "best," the rendering takes 1hr and 12 min. The only adjustment which decreases rendering time to a reasonable figure is to set audio and video to "good." Then rendering is lowered to 23 min.

    Is there any way to get best quality rendering down from the long times I'm experiencing?
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      • Moderator
      · 15:37 05/08/2013
      GPU Acceleration was not part of version 10 - this is only a new feature available in version 12 only.
      The number of Rendering Threads is determined by the CPU you have installed in your computer. My guess would be that you only have a 2x Core CPU. This is the reason why your rendering times are so slow.
      You need a fast 4x Core CPU to get the best performance out of Vegas. If you want better performance, it's time to invest in a better computer. I am actually surprised that you can get the program to work at all, if you only have a 2x Core CPU. The faster Intel i5 or i7 CPUs are the best models for video editing.
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        Dick · 00:51 06/08/2013

        Thank you for your comments. I will look into upgrading.

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