Q: Can I work on the same project using two different computers?

Answer: Yes you can is the simple answer.

Sony Creative Software allows you to install Movie Studio or Vegas Pro on more than one computer. Typically you may have a Laptop computer for on the road and a Desktop computer at home. So many people like to install their favourite video editing program on both computers.

What happens if you want to work on the same project with both computers ?

There are two ways you can do this. One would be to have all your media files on a shared External Hard Drive, Computer or Cloud Service. So no matter which computer you are using, the media files all have the same folder address.

Another way you could do this, is to have a copy of all your media files on both computers. You may be on the road and want to do some video editing each night on your laptop computer. However, a problem will arise when you get back home and wish to transfer your project from the laptop to desktop or vice versa. When you open up the project on your desktop, a pop up window will tell you that "The following file could not be found in the specified location". Which means you need to tell "The Project" where the media files are located and then re-save the project, so that the new file locations are locked in.

Instructions for relocating missing Media Files

Vegas Pro and Movie Studio Platinum have an excellent search function which makes it easy to locate missing files. It does not matter if you are transferring from the Laptop to Desktop or Desktop to Laptop - follow the exact same instructions.

Step 1

Open project file from laptop/desktop.
You will be greeted by this window.
Select Search for missing file and OK.

Search for missing files

Step 2

If you have more than one Drive on your desktop/laptop computer, make sure to select the correct drive that has the files.
Then press Search Now.
Once first file is found, select it and press OK.

Search for missing files - Window 2

Step 3

The following window will then pop up, saying that more media files have also been found.
Select Yes to All
This will now load up the remaining files.
Once project has loaded up, make sure to immediately Save As the project, so that the new file locations are locked in. This step is very important !

Search for missing files - Window 3

If the files are spread out on multiple hard drives, you will have to go back to Step 2 and select each hard drive one at a time and follow the instructions all the way through again.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    • Moderator
    · 11:17 02/06/2014
    You should un-install K-lite Codec Pack immediately !
    This is known to cause big problems with Movie Studio and Vegas Pro. When you buy Movie Studio or Vegas Pro, you are paying for premium Codecs. Installing K-Lite replaces the good quality codecs from Sony with inferior ones, which means when you render a video, K-lite is controlling the encoding - not Sony.
    As you probably read in my other article, .avi is just a Video Container for many possible Video Codecs. When a .avi does not work in Movie Studio, all you have to do is convert it.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Evgeniya · 02:25 02/06/2014
    Thank you for your reply. I was missing codecs so i downloaded k-lite pack and it worked but only for some avi files. Then i found your post about converting files so i did that and now it work for all files. Thank you for your posts they helped me alot!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Evgeniya · 15:22 14/05/2014
    Thank you for your tutorial. I am doing everything step by step but after all the files are located and I am waiting for the project to load another message appears saying there is an error loading the files from the project. It loads only the picture file and the music file but it cant load the video files. Do you know what the poblem is? Thank you
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • Moderator
      · 16:30 14/05/2014
      Even though I have shown instructions for how to do this, it can be difficult for some people if the two computers you are working on are completely different. I actually would not encourage people to swap from one computer to another, unless you absolutely have to.
      If the two computers are running different Operating Systems - that could cause a problem. If you have added extra codecs onto a computer like K-Lite Codec Pack - that could also cause a problem. Please un-install if you have done this.
      I honestly don't know how to help you with an error like this, because it could be absolutely anything.
      The only last thing I suggest is that you [B]Save a Copy[/B] of all your project files in [B]Computer #1[/B] and then bring ALL those files into [B]Computer #2[/B]. When you press Save As a window pops up. Down the very bottom is a check box that says "Copy Media with Project". Select this and press Save. Now you need to import all the files that were saved with the project, into the 2nd computer. This should reduce problems.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Linda B · 03:41 19/01/2016
        Where do I find the copy of the file I saved when I hit the "copy media with project"? I can't find where it was saved... Thanks
  • This commment is unpublished.
    GUEST · 05:28 30/04/2014
    Hi Derek

    Do you know of any way to create a 'Vertical' rectangle in the cookie cutter section?

    • This commment is unpublished.
      • Moderator
      · 12:03 30/04/2014
      No I do not - at least not at this very moment.
      If you are trying to blur something out, then there is a new tool you can use if you bought Movie Studio Suite 13. This version includes New Blue Fx Selective Focus. With this tool you can create any shape you like, if you need to blur something out.
      If you can remember which email address you used for your original MSZ Account, I can remind you of your User Name. Then you can reset your password.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        guest · 05:35 30/04/2014
        Hi Derek

        2nd question ....I use MSP 12 on my laptop, it was difficult to get 13 to display on the small screen.

        Upstairs on my desktop I use MS 13 Suite.

        I like to do the simple editing on the laptop...,nice and comfy in the lounge, and I would like to do the elaborate stuff on the Desktop.

        Which project files do I need to copy from one pc to the other please?


        p.s sorry to sign on as guest...I am a member..when I can find my details
        • This commment is unpublished.
          • Moderator
          · 11:49 30/04/2014
          What do you mean by [I]"it was difficult to get 13 to display on the small screen"[/I] ?
          Surely, V13 would be easier to use on a small screen, because of the larger controls ?
          Yes you could start with V12 and move to V13, however I would not like to encourage this type of workflow.
          You won't be able to swap backwards from V13 to V12. All versions of Movie Studio are only forwards compatible. If you tried opening a V13 project back to V12, it will not allow it.
          [B].vf[/B] is the main project file. It all depends on the nature of your project, as to any extra project files that may be there as well. Most will regenerate from the master .vf file.
          I assume when you are on your laptop, that you are accessing all your media files via Wi-Fi and your Windows Home Group, and they are located on your main PC ?
          Your question opens up many different aspects to think about. Before my laptop died, I use to do what you are doing, but I always used the same version of the program. All my actual files were located on the main pc. So I didn't have to copy anything.

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