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Q: How do I set a different Media Player for playing back videos on a Windows computer ?

Answer: If you right-click on top of a Video in Windows, you can tell your computer which Media Player you would like to use as your main video player.

Most Windows based computers are set to use Windows Media Player by default, for playing compatible video files. If you have installed a different Media Player on your computer for playing videos and it is not working, please follow the instructions below to set your new media player preference.

Step 1

Right-click video

Step 2

You have two options.

If you select a program in the zone I have marked with the pink dotted arrow, this will tell Windows to play your video only once with the chosen media player. Next time you play another video, it will default back to Windows Media Player.

If you want to make the change permanent, ignore the list of programs and select Choose default program instead. Then move to Step 3.

*Please note that the list of available media players will be different on everyone's computer. The more programs you have installed, the more you will have to choose from.

Setting Media Player 1

Step 3

To set a new Default Media Player, choose one from the list of Recommended Programs.

If you can't find your media player in the top list, you may have to search a little deeper in the Other Programs list.

Once you have made a selection press OK.

You have now set a new default Media Player. If it any time you wish to change this, just repeat the process.

Setting Media Player 2

Recommended Media Players

Cyberlink Power DVD 14

This is a bought program. It comes with many extra features and will play all the latest video formats. This is an excellent choice if you need a player that can play DVDs and Blu-ray Discs. I have this installed on my own computer and use it mainly for playing DVDs and Blu-rays. It produces thumbnail pictures well. There are a few different versions you can buy.

Realplayer Cloud

There are different versions of this program you can download. There is a free basic version you can start with. I have been using this media player for many years and still like using it. It does a good job with creating thumbnail pictures to represent videos.

VLC Media Player for Windows

This is another free media player. It is very popular amongst younger people. The only thing I don't really like about this player, is that is doesn't seem to make thumbnail pictures for all my videos. Instead you will end up with a bunch of orange witches hats representing your video files.


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    • Member
    · 06:15 20/08/2014
    I am trying to understand the turturial. I don't though. I am trying to insert media from my SDHC card. It is an MP4 video. It opens in windows media player when I play it. I cannot get it inserted into M.S. Platnum 12. Do I need to convert it? I am so new to this and want to make videos for my church. Please be patient and HELP ME! Also, what do you mean by "a different media player"? Are you referring to windows media player?
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      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 14:24 20/08/2014
      This tutorial has nothing to do with Importing Media into Movie Studio.

      Don't import directly from the SDHC card, otherwise you could end up loosing all your videos because they have not been saved to the hard drive.

      The first thing you should be doing is Importing all the videos from your SDHC Card into a folder on your computer. Somewhere inside [b]My Videos[/b] would be the most logical place.
      Different model cameras use different file structures, so I can't guide you to the correct folder on the card where the actual videos are located. You will have to find that yourself. Keep opening up all the folders on card until you find videos. Then highlight them all and drag into a new folder on your computer.

      Alternatively, you can use the Software that would have come with your Video Camera to Import your videos into the computer. This can make it a lot easier if you are a complete novice.

      Once you have all your videos in a new folder, then you can open up Movie Studio and start to import videos.

      What model camera are you using to record video ?

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        • Member
        · 07:05 21/08/2014
        Derek, thank you for your prompt reply. I am using a sony cyber-shot camera to record the videos. I did copy and save the video to a file in my documents. It says it is an MP4 video. When I try and import it it gives the message : "An error occured while opening one or more videos. The
        reason for the error could not be determined". I'm sorry I can't tell you
        how I am playing the videos on my computer. The icon by the file is a filmstrip with a blue note beside it. I appreciate your help.
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          • Member
          • Moderator
          · 14:52 21/08/2014
          What exact model camera are you using ?
          Cyber-shot doesn't tell me anything specific. I need the exact model number, so I can look up the specifications for your camera and see what the available recording modes are. Until I know what model you have, I can't really comment any further because I can't research your camera with Google.

          There is also another thing you need to check.
          You MUST have Apple Quicktime for Windows installed. This is necessary for certain file types to work properly in Movie Studio.
          If you don't have this installed already, please do so now. Here is a download link for you.

          Installing this [i]may[/i] fix your problem.

          There is one final thing I want you to do.
          Do a full program reset.
          This will default all settings in Movie Studio and make it look like the program was just freshly installed. Doing this [i]may also[/i] fix your problem.
          [b]Do this:[/b]
          Turn Movie Studio/Vegas/DVD Architect Off.
          Hold down CONTROL and SHIFT keys at the same time AND ALSO AT THE SAME TIME double click program icon on Desktop to Boot program.
          Window will pop up.
          Select Delete Cache and Yes.
          This will restore program to Factory Default Settings.

          When you reply to this message.
          Use the [b]REPLY[/b] link at the bottom if this very message. That is how the comment section works. If you are replying to an existing message, always use the [i]very latest[/i] [b]reply[/b] link left by the last response. Then all the related messages will flow one after the other.

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