Vegas Pro 19 Update History
& Vegas Post (Image & Effects)

  • To find which build version for Vegas Pro you currently have installed, open Vegas and go to Help/About.
  • If you are using a different version of Vegas Pro or Vegas Movie Studio, you will find the latest updates here.
  • If you need to re-install Vegas Pro 12 or older, go to the Magix download page and enter your Serial number.
  • Vegas Post is a suite of programs that includes Vegas Pro, Vegas Image and Vegas Effects.

How to Download Vegas Pro 19 an/or Vegas Post Suite ?

Use direct download links below if you need to install an older build version of the program.

Google Chrome users please note!

Pressing direct download links will not work if using Google Chrome.
You must right-click and select Save Link As.

To download the latest build version for Vegas Pro 19 and/or Vegas Post, press link below and enter your Serial Number for Vegas Pro 18 and/or Vegas Post Suite.
Download link   MAGIX Download Center

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #381 / Update 1]

Download link   Vegas Pro 19 [Build #381]

New Features

  • Update to OpenVino 1.4
  • Danish voice added to Text to Speech
  • Added a more accurate optical flow mode for the Slow Motion FX
  • Realtime Optical Flow for the Slow Motion FX

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when undo is used on an Audio Effect during playback
  • Hub Explorer will now properly update after a VEGAS Hub download
  • Fixed crash on startup when Hub Window is open by default
  • Interacts for the Bezier Mask now work properly after motion analysis
  • Link in login error message for non-365 users is now clickable
  • Crash when dropping data from the Motion Tracking panel is fixed
  • Arrow keys now work properly in the FX Plugins windows
  • Fixed issue with the deactivation menu item and have now returned it to the Help menu
  • Waveforms for audio events on the timeline are visible
  • File Explorer will no longer crash when refreshing with no folder selected
  • Fixed crash that could occur when using the Upscaler plugin
  • UI corruption while editing has been resolved
  • Errors that may occur on some systems when attempting to burn a BluRay disc have been resolved
  • Problem where Pre-Render scrambles the image has been resolved
  • Made names of the Camera LUTs in the Color Grading panel more readable
  • Fixed issues discovered in beta testing of the Blackmagic RAW decoder
  • No error will now occur when importing an SRT subtitle file that has two consecutive empty lines
  • Line 255 no longer goes missing in the Histogram window
  • Artifacts are no longer left behind on the Vectorscope window
  • Issue with black frames when using HEVC media is resolved
  • Missing icons and keyframe symbols in the FX editor while in Light or White interface modes is now resolved
  • The Color Grading panel now properly invalidates pre-rendered parts of the timeline
  • Issues with the highlight and alignment of buttons in the Track Header have been resolved.
  • Correct icon is now being used for opening the Media Generator editor
  • Now using the proper file icons in the Project Media window when in List view
  • Reset of the Color Grading panel now properly resets the Look LUT
  • The timeline is put into focus after a Project Note is selected and the cursor is moved the associated timecode
  • The Auto Adjustments menu now indicates which preset is currently selected
  • Fixed orientation detection issues with some media
  • Fixed crash when reading MTS files with 5.1 LPCM audio
  • Issue where drag and drop does not work after a render has been resolved
  • Double clicking on the title bar of the Pan/Crop window when it is floating now works as expected
  • Properly scaled the fade handles, opacity handle and the loop notches for High DPI displays
  • Event buttons will no longer scroll off the right side of the timeline

Vegas Effects 3 [Version 3.0.11716.14403 / Update 1]

Download link   Vegas Effects 3 [Version 3.0.11716.14403]


  • This update includes improved support for Blackmagic RAW files and OFX plugin loading, along with other bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • All OFX plugins are loaded after deleting the OFX plugins cache folder.
  • Hardware decoding Blackmagic RAW files no longer shifts the colors.
  • Downsampling Blackmagic RAW files does not introduce artefacts.
  • Full Screen Preview updates render during playback.
  • Improved stability and render quality of timeline cache on Intel GPUs.
  • Text effect now renders correctly on Intel GPUs.
  • Pre-renders deleted via the Options dialog are now removed from disk as expected.
  • Reduced CPU usage when dynamic effect properties are displayed.


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