Important Vegas Pro, Movie Studio and Sony Software Forums are now located on new MAGIX controlled websites

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Hi all forum members

I'm sure by now, everyone knows that Magix Software from Germany has bought 90% of Sony Creative Software's product line and will now continue development of all our favourite content creation programs.

As of the 24th August 2016, you can no longer access product information and the forums for Vegas and Movie Studio at Sony Creative Software .

If you use an old URL link that directs to certain pages on the Sony Creative Software website, you will now be automatically re-directed to one of the new Magix controlled websites.

Here is a break down of all the new websites and forums for Vegas and Movie Studio software.

Welcome to Magix welcome message for Sony Software customers:

New Vegas Creative Software website
This is the official new home for Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio software products. It looks like Magix has decided to keep Vegas products on a dedicated website, that is separate to their existing range of similar products.

Your web browser will default to the country version that best suites your physical location.
You can manually select a different country if it does not look correct, by pressing the FLAG located at bottom right side of webpage.

VEGAS Magazine
News, Inspiration & Stories about VEGAS Creative Software

New Vegas Creative Software Community Forums
From here you can enter the Deutschland or United States version of site.

Magix has created a new community forum for Vegas users, that contains three major forums.

News Forum

Vegas Pro Forum

Vegas Movie Studio Forum

Community Forums Archive
A carbon copy of the Sony Software Forums has been archived on this new dedicated website here . This massive database of forum posts stretching back many, many years, contains extremely valuable information which we can now access on this new website controlled by the new owners, MAGIX. This is an extremely valuable resource that we can new use into the future, when searching for solutions to older problems.

New Home for Sony Audio Creation and Editing products
All of Sony's Audio Software has been moved to a dedicated Magix Audio website.

Sound Forge lives here:

Spectral Layers Pro lives here:

Acid Music Studio & Pro lives here:

New Sound Forge, Acid and Spectral Layers Pro Forums
New Forums for all of the above audio products have been created on the website.

Broken Links on Movie Studio Zen website and forum
Now that Magix has suddenly taken full control of their new product range, there maybe many broken links on Movie Studio Zen.
I have 100's of links and ad links that point to Sony Creative Software.
I am working as fast as a can to update all of the old links to new Magix website links.
All links are now repaired on MSZ.
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Thank you :)
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24 Aug 2016 16:01 #1

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Thank you for the information and thank you even more for updating your links --- that's what I call service and customer care with spades on:)

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24 Aug 2016 18:21 #2

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Thanks Doc!

Just don't burn yourself out trying to get everything done too fast. Believe the Forum Members are a patient lot. Plus, we want you to have the "Energy" to provide us with some more great Tutorials :)

Mike "The Chief" O'Sullivan
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In case the good Doc might want to add the following link to his sum-up above

Not so many articles there, but all the links are included I think.
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05 Sep 2016 07:41 #4

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Some nice articles there, hope the magazine grows.....
Best Regards......George
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05 Sep 2016 08:36 #5

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Something of a mixed bag of Customer Support and FAQ (Knowledgebase) for MAGIX products including former SCS programs seems to be evolving here
I used my account details to login successfully.

At quick first glance I found it rather complicated to navigate. Some German thrown in for good measure for the English pages as well. Hopefully they continue to develop. The FAQs seem to be mostly lifted from the old SCS KB. I found no advanced Search as yet.
Luckily, the old SCS KB is still on and this site's tutorials/advice too :)
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06 Sep 2016 07:41 #6

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