Solved DVD Architect 7 BluRay iso bigger than disc space on project

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I am a newbie to DA7.
I have just prepared my 1st blu ray project and this has went well but the iso now 36GB when the disc space required in the project shows only 22.5GB.

The movie files used on the project are mp4. 
Does DA7 add things to the completed disc making it bigger than stated in the creation screen.

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Hi SPJ29 - Welcome to the MSZ Forum :)

First I just want to make a general comment.
There are 2 settings for Disk Space Used in DVD Architect.
Go to Options/Preferences/Burning and you can set to Percent of Media or Size in GB.
The value that DVDA calculates is only an estimate.

However, the dramatic difference you are seeing between the estimate and actual size of project, is probably due to a misconfiguration of your Project Properties.

If you set the Project to:
PAL (25 fps) settings, but are using NTSC (29.97 fps) video
NTSC (29.97 fps) settings, but are using PAL (25 fps) video,
DVDA will be re-rendering ALL your videos to convert them to a different Frame Rate, which can dramatically increased the size of the project file size.

First you need to inspect the Frame Rate of your Source videos.
What is it ?

Next go to File/Properties in DVDA
Set the Frame Rate to match your source videos.
Also make sure the Resolution is set to 1920x1080


If you can't work it out, upload a copy of your .dar project file to the forum and then I can inspect your settings.
The .dar project file only contains settings data and does not contain video, so it should be very small in file size.


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Peace :)
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Also SPJ29 mentions the files used are mp4 so there will be recompression.
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That's been very helpful.

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