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This should be an easy recommendation, I hope.

So what is a good monitor for video editing, color corrected/calibration, and easy adjustment for correctness?

My preference would be 1920x1080 and have color levels correction built in if possible, and not too expansive. I don't need a professional 10k. Just something I can easily afford and meets the criteria for video work.

PS: forgot about size. I don't know. My work pc uses 23" so I guess somewhere around there'ish.

I'm open to suggestions of course.
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Hi Silvex

It can be very overwhelming to find "the right" monitor, because there are too many models to choose from and newer models are always being released.
I don't have a specific model to recommend right now, because I don't have time to research this topic right now.
Hopefully some of the other forum members may share their thoughts as well.

Make sure you don't but a TN monitor - these are not good for video/photo work.
You need to look for IPS monitors.

Here is a good article to explain the basics here:

Once you have narrowed down the features that are important for you, start searching for a list of compatible models.
Then read tonnes and tonnes of reviews from real people on different websites, so you can find what models people actually like.
Remember that some reviews are from people who are never happy, so check the average of positive reviews.

Also check out YouTube reviews !

Read reviews on websites like:

If you have a short list of models you find, share them here and then I can comment some more.

:idea: Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
Unplugging is the best way to find solutions to your problems. If you would like to share some love, post a customer testimonial or make a donation.
Peace :)
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Hi Silvex,

The Doc is correct on this subject. And leaving it as a sort of "open-ended" opinion/suggestion could really "gum up the works".

That said, start with at least a couple of "bullet points" to help yourself, and those that you may ask assistance of:

1. What is your price range for this monitor?
2. What graphics card are you using?
3. Does your graphics card have the output(s) for the monitor you like, and does the monitor support the output(s) from your graphics card (provided you are not changing it out)?
a. Basically, the outputs/inputs these days are Display Port, HDMI, DVI (with three variants: Analog, Digital, Interleaved -which with correct adapter, if needed, will output either an Analog or Digital video picture).

4. What type of projects are you currently doing, and do you plan to increase/enhance this? Example, doing 1080p projects now but want to move to 4K in a year?
5. Will this be used for gaming? Or is there some more professional level programs like CAD/CAM/CAE/3D Rendering/etc.?

Like the Doc said, if you have some ideas, go ahead and share them here. Some of the Forum members may already have that model (or one close to it), and also give you an idea how it works for their projects/needs. Me, got two Samsung 28 inch 4K panels side by side, those original about $400 guys, and I rarely use the second screen. They may be only TN, but work well for what I do, and have been pretty pleased with them. Had an LG 34 inch 3440x1440 21:9 Ultra Wide Screen, which was IPS - looked great but didn't really fit my workflow as well as I had hoped. Others, they love them, especially for video work. Checked into and saw one of the 38 inch 3840x1600 4K screens, and more than the price (out of my range) still didn't like the layout as well as these 28 inch Samsung guys. Hey, worst case, go to Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Fry's Electronics, Best Buy, Staples, Micro-Center, or whatever type of store is near you, and just check out the ones on display. At least you'll know what you may or may not like to your "Eyes", just like shopping for a TV!
Good Luck!

Mike "The Chief" O'Sullivan
Asus X399-e ROG Strix /2950X/64 GB Corsair/XFX Radeon VII/SoundBlaster Zx/Win 10 Pro 64-Bit. Vegas Pro 17 Edit/Vegas MSP 16 Suite/SoundForge Studio 12.6/Magix Xara Photo & Graphics Design/Hitfilm Express 14. Intel 750 PCIe with OS & Apps, Samsung 960 & 970 1TB EVO PCIe for source footage.
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