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Elgato Video Capture was created by RobWS

Does anyone have any experience using Elgato Video Capture? I would like to hear your comments. I bought it two years ago and have still not opened it to use it.

Several years ago I had some experience using a Pinnacle video capture device (it may have been the Pinnacle 700-USB) but the results were not good. The video and audio would drift apart during capture and by the end of an hour or so, there would be maybe a second or more of drift. I ended up capturing about 10 minutes at a time but that wasn’t convenient. I stopped using that device.

From what I understand, the Elgato unit only captures video in MP4 with no other options. My purpose is to get old camcorder footage into my computer to do some light editing in Movie Studio. I would think that MP4 is sufficient.

Thank you for your input.
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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Elgato Video Capture

Sorry - no experience with this capture device.
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Replied by huskereurocat on topic Elgato Video Capture

I have the Elgato HD Pro that gets installed in one of the PCI-e slots. It works fine, but have noticed that the capture quality is not near as good as say OBS. I had to start using the Elgato because running Madden 19PC and OBS at the same time was maxing my GPU. The Elgato used my CPU as an accelerator and it has an onboard encoder which is, from what I have been told, the only elgato product to have that feature. As for capturing externally with an elgato HD60 that captures console footage, I have no experience in that. Sorry.
Since the OBS update to version 23.0 just a few days ago, I don't have that issue and have put my elgato to rest....for the moment. Thinking about getting a console to record NCAA 14 footage with, but haven't made that leap.
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Replied by Elena16 on topic Elgato Video Capture

I had the pleasure of using it Elgato Video Capture is a good tool for digitizing your old VHS tapes. The quality of the conversion is good enough to warrant the software a place on our side-by-side comparison chart. However, it’s missing almost all of the key features of the best VHS to DVD converters
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