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Recommended microphone was created by huskereurocat

I have recently been having issues with my gaming headset microphone and am being issued a credit from the manufacturer. This, however, leaves me in guessing as to what to buy next. Any recommendations? I really don't want to spend a 100 bucks on one but $50 is not out of the question. I have seen some on YouTube and some are XLR and some are 3.5mm plug and play. One of the big hits is the Yeti Snow ball. Just curious what you think is a good mic for $50?
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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Recommended microphone

I don't have any recommendations for under $50.

You won't get any microphones with XLR connections in that price range - this is pro level audio gear.
Mics with XLR connectors also need a AMP to drive microphone, which will cost you many 100's of dollars.

Mics with 3.5 mm connectors are to be avoided at all costs.
This type of connection creates the worst audio, because it is susceptible to picking up electronic noise from your Motherboard.

The best type of Mic on a budget is one with a USB connection.

If you had the money, I would recommend getting a mic with adjustable arm, so that you can get the mic off table. I use a Rode Podcaster with arm, however this is way over your budget.

The Yeti mics are good for that price range.
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