Solved Colors are stronger and it is all blurry after Speeding up and rendering

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Colors are stronger and it is all blurry after Speeding up and rendering was created by Andras

Hi all,

I have speed up the project as suggested with more rendering in new track but quality got poor. Colors are stronger and it is all blury.
What have I done wrong, please?

So I'm using a Vegas Pro 13.
Shoots are either GoPro 4 Silver 720HD 120fps.
Rendering in Internet HD 720, then Customize template...HD720 1280x720, I do not allow source to adjust frame size, Profile: Main, Frame rate: 29,970(NTSC), here at the second time allow source to adjust frame size is ticked, so allowed, Field order: None (Progressive scan), pixel aspect ration: 1,0000, number of reference frames: 2 Constant bit rate: 10000, enable progressive download.

thanks in advance
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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Colors are stronger and it is all blurry after Speeding up and rendering

Hi Andras

Thank you for posting your comment into the forum.
Don't post any more replies in the comments section of the website now and just reply in the MSZ Forum here.
Link to original comment:

I have edited your message in the forum and included the extra information you posted in your website comment.

There are multiple things going on here, which is why you are experiencing problems.

1. Firstly I need to ask a question.
Your original video was recorded at 120 fps, so are you trying to Speed Up or Slow Down your video with Vegas ?
The 120 fps recording mode in a Go Pro is specifically designed for doing smooth slow motion effects.
Normally people would set Vegas at 29.97 fps in the Project Properties, then slow down the video 4x times and finally render the video at 29.97 fps.
Is this exactly what you have been doing ?

It is very important that your Vegas Project Properties are set to 29.97 fps and not 120 fps.
Also make sure the Frame Size is set to 1280x720 and it is Progressive.

2. The problem you have with the colours changing, can be fixed by applying a Sony Levels FX before you render each time.
If you apply accurate colour correction to your project before you render and make sure all colours are set to Broadcast Safe, you will not get a colour shift after rendering. If you want to do something quick and easy, there is a quick hack you can do which will fix all your colours in one click.

Go to the Video FX tab and open Sony folder.
Find Levels FX.
Drag Computer RGB to Studio RGB onto the Video Output FX bus above the Preview Window.
This will limit the colour range of everything in the entire project - you will see the preview window become slightly dull.
After you render your video, the colours will then go back to looking normal and not over saturated.

If you want to do things more professionally, I recommend you read/watch my beginners guide tutorial for Colour Correction.
This will teach you the professional way to adjust your colours.

3. If you plan to do multiple re-renders of the same video, you need to render the first video using a much higher Bit Rate.
I recommend you render to Mainconcept AVC/AAC - Internet HD 720p and use a much higher Variable Bit Rate

Also, do not allow source to adjust frame size - do not tick this !

If you are rendering just once, use 16,000,000 / 8,000,000 Bit Rate
If you are going to render the video more than once, render the first time with 28,000,000 / 20,000,000 then use 16,000,000 / 8,000,000 the second time.

Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
Unplugging is the best way to find solutions to your problems.
Peace :)
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