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Vegas Pro 16 Video stabilization was created by stephenlc

Hi All
I've just upgraded from Platinum 14 to Pro 16 to get the video stabilization function. However I cant get it to work. The plugin popup looks different from all those on the various YouTube tutorials, but that is not a huge problem. I follow the instructions to stabilize the video. But the problem I have is that I cannot play the stabilized video clip. When I try to play it, I only get the audio with a still shot of where ever the cursor was when I selected video stabilization plugin. What am I doing wrong?
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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Vegas Pro 16 Video stabilization

Hi Stephen

There were some bugs in the Vegas Pro Stabilization plugin, which where fixed in build #352 (update 3).
There is a newer build version since this release, build version #361 (update 4).
To find which build version you have installed, go to Help/About
If you are using an older version, download new version from here:

Tip for using Stabilization
Stabilization may use a lot of RAM memory in your computer.
After applying stabilization, it is a good idea to Save your project and re-boot your computer, then re-open the project before rendering a video.

Read the official instructions for how to use the Stabilization tool

Stabilizing Video Clips
Video stabilization smooths out undesired picture movements by negating inadvertent movements in the image. This produces unusable edges in the footage that are cropped off automatically by zooming into the picture. The result: A more stable picture at a nearly imperceptibly increased zoom level.

In the Project Media window, select the video you want to stabilize.

If you're using only a portion of a longer media file, you can use the Trimmer window to create a sub-clip that contains only the portion of the media that is used in your project. Stabilizing a sub-clip requires less processing than stabilizing a full media file. For more information, see Using the Trimmer

From the Tools menu, choose Video, and then choose Media FX (or right-click a media file in the Project Media window and choose Media FX from the shortcut menu). The Plug-In Chooser is displayed.

In the Plug-In Chooser, select the Video Stabilization plug-in and click the Add button. The Media FX dialog displays the Video Stabilization plug-in.

Choose either Fast or Accurate mode from the drop-down menu to specify whether you want to concentrate on faster or more accurate analysis. Click Analyze Motion to start the analysis. The process will take some time depending upon the chosen mode, the length of the file, and other factors. When the analysis is complete, the stabilization is automatically applied to your media.

Start the playback of the clip and check the result of the stabilization. Perform any necessary adjustments with the Smoothing Magnitude and Correction parameters.

Smoothing Magnitude: The camera movement always consists of many small, fast, and unintentional movements and shaking, along with any intentional movements like pans, zooms or travel that must be kept. The Smoothing Magnitude is the parameter that helps to define how much "unsteadiness" should be kept in a scene, the higher that factor is, the more the movements are smoothed. From the Preset drop-down menu you can choose typical time settings depending on the amount of intentional camera movement present in the scene.

Correction: If the added zooming and movement from the stabilization caused some unintended results, e.g. black areas showing up or slight picture rotation, you can correct these artifacts with the parameters under Correction. Keep in mind that these parameters are automatable with envelopes, so you can apply these corrections only where they are necessary.

Motion Blur: In addition to stabilizing the video, you can add motion blur to it. Motion blur occurs when a camera was moved quickly like in a fast pan shot. Because this "error" is so familiar, pan shots from modern cameras that don't have motion blur, such as those in mobile phones, look unnatural to us.

Activate Apply Motion Blur to camera pans to create artificial motion blur from the detected camera movement. You can adjust how quickly the motion blur starts on a pan with the Activation Threshold in pixel, which specifies how far the camera has to be moved from one frame to the next for motion blurring to start.

If you deactivate the Avoid Black Borders checkbox, you disable the zooming applied by the stabilization. Use this for a special effect or just to watch, how the stabilization affects the movie.

To remove stabilization, right-click a media file in the Project Media and choose Media FX from the shortcut menu to display the Media FX dialog. You can then bypass the Video Stabilization plug-in or remove it from the media's effects chain.

Click Clear Motion Data to discard the motion analysis if you want to run the analysis again.

Make sure to read this as well
You can apply the Stabilize plug-in to analyze and remove camera shake from video.

If you're using Stabilize and Picture-in-Picture effects, apply Stabilize before Picture-in-Picture.
Item Description
Pan smoothing
Drag this slider to adjust the amount of shake (left/right and up/down motion) detection.

In most cases, the preset's default setting will provide a good balance of accuracy and processing power. Increasing the setting can produce more accurate stabilization if needed.

Drag this slider to adjust the amount of tilt and zoom detection.

In most cases, the preset's default setting will provide a good balance of accuracy and processing power. Increasing the setting can produce more accurate stabilization if needed.

Click to analyze the video is analyzed and apply stabilization to your media.
Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
Unplugging is the best way to find solutions to your problems.
Peace :)
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Replied by Eagle Six on topic Vegas Pro 16 Video stabilization

Hi Stephenlc

As Doctor Zen points out the Magix Video Stabilization FX has changed in function and appearance with the latest builds and installing the latest build is beneficial if you are going to use the stabilization feature.

This is what it looks like in the latest build....

As per the instruction above, this FX can only be applied to a clip or sub-clip in the Project Media bin. I would recommend that the first use to leave it in the default 'Basic' mode, and simply click on 'Stabilize'. Then drag the clip or sub-clip to the timeline and check the results. For general handheld type shaking, this is all that may be needed, it is faster and easier. If the resulst of 'Basic' are not satisfactory, then I would select the 'Professional' mode and approach each option gently. Some trial an error (on a short test clip) changing one option at a time to study the results may actually be faster in the long run to getting the results you desire. It takes a bit of learning what the various settings do to various clips to obtain the best results (tutorials are our friend). CMOS correction is going to be different from panning correction which will be different from rough camera movement which will be a little different from general handheld correction.

When you get the correction that works well, you can save it as a preset to use in the future on clips that require similar stabilization correction.

I haven't fully test this latest improvement in the Magix Video Stabilization FX, but from what I have done, it is a huge improvement over the initial version in earlier Vegas Pro 16 builds.
Best Regards......George
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