Solved Contacting MAGIX (VEGAS) to help with problems

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Contacting MAGIX (VEGAS) to help with problems was created by PETENOW

This might be more of venting then of asking a question but I have always had troubling contacting Magix. Then when I do actually do contact them they do not understand what I am asking (of perhaps they don't understand a misconception that I have). One day I got so angry at them that I asked them if there was anybody besides them that would actual be helpful. They sent me here. That is the only good advice they ever gave me.

Flash back to the early days when I had to reinstall VMM version 10 and I forgot my serial number. It was a simpler time back then when the owner was SONY. I got somebody on the phone. They walked me through a process. They may have even gotten unto my computer to solve a problem. But oh those days are over now that they sold the whole thing over to Magix located in Germany.

Recently I upgraded to Vegas Movie Maker v16 Suite. The install was ugly. Not only did I get messages from Windows that the program stopped working, but it also took out the former version 14 as well. The problem may have been with the New Blue FX add in's. I was in touch with New Blue. They answered in one day and solved the problem with clear easy steps. That got Version 14 working again.

Now I am back to installing v16 and am going very slow to see where the problem starts. I like the idea that I could contact Magix and report my finding if there is a problem, but I can't find any path to get to them. There is a option which cost money but I don't feel I should pay money for a new program. They have a US phone number on the invoice that came with the program but the hours are limited and when I do call during their open hours I get a message like I am calling during off hours and hung up on. I have tried an email address that is located in the US but I get an email back that this email address no longer works and refers me to a web page. I tried clicking the link to send an email on the web page and nothing happens. All I can see is the paid phone support. There is not a lot of detail except that it is only good for one call. I am ok with that but with the past history of this company it could be I am throwing money into the wind.
Ok, my venting is over. If anybody has any suggestions then send me a line.
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Replied by vkmast on topic Contacting MAGIX (VEGAS) to help with problems

DoctorZen probably knows more and will correct if needed, but here are my suggestions based on my experiences with (MAGIX) VEGAS support.

For "Technical inquiries concerning your VEGAS product" advises you to use this Support link
Some of us regard this as somewhat convoluted or difficult to follow though, so try and go straight to

For Customer Support problems (relating to e.g. activation, installation, order/delivery, and pre-sales questions) might be a better option. For these kind of questions there is also the online Live Chat (weekdays) from 12pm-4pm U.S. Central Standard Time. Go to and click the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.

For Purchase consultation contact some URLs for support like (not /us/ though AFAIK) mention this email: infoservice[at]
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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Contacting MAGIX (VEGAS) to help with problems

@vkmast has posted the best contact form for problems with Vegas

If you had posted your problems here on the forum first, I would have been able to tell you very quickly how to solve your problems.
Many other people have already discussed installation problems with Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 16 and I have already posted solutions.
Most installation problems with Vegas are caused by 3rd party Video FX / Audio FX that are already on your computer, problems with Windows components not being up to date or incompatible Graphics Card drivers.

I have dealt with 1000's of people now and posted over 50,000 messages for people who have asked for help with Vegas.
This is the answer I tell anyone who is frustrated. Stay calm and list your exact problems in point form.
99% off all problems often have simply solutions, once you understand what is actually causing then problem.

If you have a problem with using Vegas Pro or Vegas Movie Studio, the best place to first ask for help is on one of the public Vegas forums.
The Vegas community often has a broader experience with common and uncommon problems using Vegas and thus can provide much faster and more detailed solutions.
1. Official Vegas Forums
2. Movie Studio Zen forum
3. Creative Cow Vegas Pro forum

If you have a product registration problem, are missing products that you just bought, or have discovered a bug, then you should contact official Vegas Support.

Only contact official Vegas Support as a last resort.
All software companies only use email support in 2019, unless you have paid for extra customer support.
Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
Unplugging is the best way to find solutions to your problems.
Peace :)
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Replied by PETENOW on topic Contacting MAGIX (VEGAS) to help with problems

Thank you both for your replies. I will try those links to see if they work well for me. I agree that this is the best place to get information. Acutally the purpose of my original text is the quality of service since Movie Maker changed from Sony to Magix. As I said with Sony I could call them and get quick answers even thought years had passed and they were making no recent money on me. I am glad that you all are there to help but they that are receiving my money should be just as good if not better. Part of it is my problem. I know there are fourms out there but my mind gets very distracted when I go to them. Probably because I see so many of other peoples problems that I can's find my own. I have yet to have a question that can be found in FAQ's. Emails proved to be a problem with Magix because they did not answer my question directly. What works best with me is phone support. And what really works well is when the support gets on my computer and makes the changes. I would pay for the whole thing if it was in this country.

In the end though, I am glad you guys are there. I am really benefiting from the tutorials. I am looking forward to Version 16 which give me Titler express with the cinema plug in. That is exactly what I wanted.

I look forward to future communications.

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