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Hi Derek. I learn a lot from your tutorials. They are very useful to me. But now i have a problem. I use Movie Studio Platinum 12 (64bits). When I try to slow down de clip using Method One it does not work properly. Last half of the images from the clip disappear. I'm using either 50 fps PAL or 60fps NTSC, on both systems happen the same. Can you help me to solve this problem please?
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Hi jaume - Welcome to the MSZ Forum :)

After you manually change the Playback Rate for a video, the time it takes to play will either increase or decrease. If you slowed down a 5 minute 60fps video by 50%, it's new playback time will increase to 10 minutes.

Vegas does not automatically adjust the length of your slowed down video on the timeline - you need to do this yourself, by dragging the end of the video, to the right, until you hit the tiny notch on top edge of your video. The "tiny notch"signifies the true end of a video. If you drag past this notch, Vegas will loop the video back to the beginning.

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