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I am currently working on a project with 3 title tracks, 6 video tracks and 7 audio tracks. What I am finding is a constant cycle of restoring (resizing) tracks and minimizing tracks. The portion of the screen allotted to the 16 tracks is so limited in space it becomes cumbersome to work efficiently. Yes, that screen can be resized but only to a small extent to still see everything else needed in the upper portion.

Is there a way to work with the tracks that would save time from constant resizing? Thank you.
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Replied by vkmast on topic Restore / Minimize / Repeat

If you have one display only, have you tried undocking the windows that you need from the docking area and then using F11 to maximize the timeline vertically (Window Docking area will be hidden)? That's if you have one display only. Two screens would give you the option to place the undocked window(s) onto the other screen (larger is better obviously).
Note that pressing F11 again restores the docking area.
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Replied by RobWS on topic Restore / Minimize / Repeat

vkmast, I failed to mention that I am using 2 monitors. I also feel that I could even expand to 3, which could be in the near future. F11 is a keyboard shortcut I was unaware of. Wow, does that really help the problem. I use "video preview on external monitor" a lot because the default preview window is too small. So with my preview on monitor 2 and potentially some other un-docked windows on monitor 3, F11 would speed up my work on monitor 1. Thank you for your help.
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Thank you to @vkmast - I also use the F11 trick when editing big projects with large amounts of Tracks.
Another keyboard shortcut I use is the Tilde ~ / Back quote ` key which on most keyboards is to the left of 1, 2, 3....
Pressing the Tilde ~ key repeatedly, shifts all tracks to their minimum/maximum height.
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