Idea Sound Forge Audio studio 13 verses version 12.5

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I don't use version 12.5 very often but it fulfils most of my needs when I do use it. Is there any advantage to upgrading to version 13? If so can somebody please elaborate. Cheers John
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Hi John

I would stick with version 12 for now.
The final build version ever released was 12.6 (build 361).
If you go to Help/Update Online, you should get the download to start or run the installer file again soundforge_audiostudio12_dlm.exe.

I never got around to reviewing v12.
Version 12 is a bit of an aberration, in that it is nothing like Sony's last and final version and nothing like version 13.
Version 12 actually has more functionality than v13 - I think the software developers at Magix had a free reign to muck around with v12, but then narrowed it down with the release of v13.

There are 2 main functions in v12 that are not in v13:
1. Audio DeNoiser - go to Tools/Audio Restoration/Denoiser
There are 2 options - first is to capture a noise-print and 2nd to process (de-noise).

2. Spectral Display & Spectral Cleaning
Go to View/Spectral Display

You can then switch the edit mode to Spectral Cleaning and use the mouse to drag out a region around noise you want to remove.

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