Question Mercalli Stabilzr v4 and CMOSfixr plugins and VP 15

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Mercalli Stabilzr v4 and CMOSfixr plugins and VP 15 was created by CeeDee

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Not so much a problem but advice sort:
I am a bit unsure as to the work flow using CMOSFixr and Stabilizr together. What I have learnt is that if I do not render each clip once stabilised, VP15 will not render the whole video (Mainconcept AVC) without crashing at some point. My current workflow appears to be working on very unstable footage shot from boats on the water but is it the recommended method??? The Mercalli instructions from Prodad are not helpful and the video tutorial on YouTube is a bit confusing.

My method is:
1. select CMOSfixr and Stabilizr from the clip's fx button.
2. use CMOSfixr first selecting sensor value and 'precise'.
3. uncheck CMOSfixr and check Stabilizr and use its various features to reduce 'red peaks' in the footage.
4. Recheck CMOSfixr and close the fx window
5. Render the clip to a new track using the 'SONY MFX HD-EX 1920x1080-25p' codec.
6. Delete the original clip from the timeline and replace it with the new 'doctored' one.

If I render the clips individually this way (boy, it takes time!) when it comes to the final rendition VP15 performs faultlessly. The results are pretty good I have to say but I am not sure if I should render the CMOSfixr part of the process before beginning on the Stabilizr part of the process then render the whole clip again.

Anyone have any ideas on this one?

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