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Solved What advantages are there in 4K aquisition for later conversion to 1920x1080 50p or 50i.

I feel sure this has been discussed previously on this forum but I would like to update the discussion in the hope of getting the latest thinking. With my SONY AX100 I can only record in 4K 25p or 1920x1080 50p. I have made footage in both selections and cannot see a huge difference. Is there a program for a good conversion from 4K 25p to 1920x1080 50p or 50i of is it just a matter of rendering in Vegas Pro 14 to the desired output? I video mainly landscapes, family, holidays etc. I tend to store my edited footage now on a Samsung solid state drive for playing straight to my 4K TV. However I would also like to be able to produce a Blu-ray disc on the odd occasion. Can you help with a suggested workflow?
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If I am shooting action I want the frame speed to be up around 60 (50) fps progressive minimum and produce in 60p. What you are shooting however doesn't sound like a lot of action and it will probably look better at 25p.

I'm not rendering or producing in 4K, rather 1080p, so the advantage to me in shooting 4K is the ability to crop and that has come in handy more than I thought it would when I started shooing 4K last year (there is also the thought of archiving in 4K to later use some footage when I do start 4K rendering, but that is of little desire at this point). In the not too near future I will probably acquire a 4K camera capable of 60p and then may go to producing 4K for Youtube, but would then downscale it to 1080p for viewing on my old Sony flat screen.

Even for Youtube, I don't have a 4K monitor, so if I were to start rendering in 4K and posting to Youtube, it would only be available to others and I don't have an audience, so to speak, that would benefit me for them to view in 4K. If I were monetizing my channel or in the sales business of sorts, I would embrace the 4K in depth.

There may be a benefit in color grading in 4K, if the acquisition media was captured in at least 422 10 bit, but even then unless one had a 4K monitor and calibrated it, it probably makes little difference and especially when the final delivery product would be downscaled to Youtube or Vimeo, which isn't going to maintain the color depth anyway.

Just a few of my thoughts, maybe others have found advantages, and I would be interested to hear them.

Best Regards......George

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I haven't made the jump to 4K yet - I am waiting until I build a new computer that can handle editing large 4K video files and I am also thinking about setting up a home NAS server, to increase my Hard Drive storage space. If your computer does not have a very powerful CPU, I wouldn't recommend using 4K video.

When I do start using 4K video, I think I would use the "Crop" function for some projects and deliver in 1080p and for other projects go the full 4K.

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