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Replied by Eagle Six on topic Scripting - Batch Render

Hans, here are the step-by-step for Batch Scripts I sent you.....

1. Find the folder that your Vegas Pro 16 scripts are stored. I have a standard default installation and they are in "C:\Program Files\VEGAS\Vegas Pro 16.0\Script Menu".

2. Copy all 6 files I sent you to this 'Script Menu' folder. This will include 'RegionAtEvents.cs', 'RegionAtEvents.png', 'BatchRender-Regions.cs', 'BatchRender-Regions.png', 'RemoveAllMarkerRegions.js', and 'RemoveAllMarkerRegions.png'.

3. Start Vegas Pro and load the master project that you have nested all 21 of you veg projects into to be batch rendered.

4. Go Tools > Scripting > Rescan Script Menu Folder (you only have to do this once, so Vegas recognizes the scripts you added and puts them in the list)

5. Now we will run the scripts to batch render.....

6. G0 Tools > Scripting > RegionAtEvents (this will place region markers at each event in the timeline/track and name them the same as the veg files you added to this master project).

7. Go Tools > Scripting > BatchRender-Regions (this will pop-up a window for selecting various options, that looks like the following.....)

- Press Browse for the 'Base File Name' and navigate to the folder you wish to save the renders to, don't worry about a name, it will remain defaulted to '\Untitled_'. In my example I have made a folder in 'G:\Video\Maks Renders\Untitled_'. (HINT: It is important that a name follow the folder path, so make sure to leave the "Untitled_' name in the string).
- In the center section that list the render format templates, I have scrolled to the bottom and will explain why shortly (see step 8).
- at the bottom of this window, check 'Render Regions' and 'Use Region Titles as Filenames'.

8. In the center render template selection list, scroll down to the render format you wish to use, in this example I have selected the 'MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4' render format, and click the '+' in front of your selection (HINT: Do Not click in the box, just click the '+' and leave the box empty). Clicking the '+' will display a list of templates you have for that format. I have selected the 'Internet HD 1080p 59.940 fps (AMD VCE)' template (see below).

9. Double check all your entries and selections (HINT: make sure you have a check in the box in front of the template you want to use for rendering and no other templates checked, you just want 1 template checked).

10. NOTE: ABOUT THE RENDER TEMPLATE - In the BatchRender-Regions script interface you cannot modify or select specific settings in a template, you can only select a template that is already available in your template list. So if you commonly modify a template on the fly, this option is not available. You must make all changes to a template and save it as a 'Customized Template' before starting the Batch Render, so it is available in your list, unless one of the template provided in Vegas Pro work for you.

11. Click on 'OK'. The Batch Render window will close and the renders will start by displaying the common render progress window. The progress window will remain displayed and reflect the progress for each of the 21 renders. This is going to take a while, so it may be time to take a break.

12. When finished, you should have a rendered file in the folder you have selected, for each of the 21 veg projects.

13. Go Tools > Scripting > RemoveAllMarkerRegions (This will remove all the regions and names and clean up your project).

14. NOTE: Sometimes when I run this batch render, at the end it throws an error code. I'm not sure why, but it has never made any difference to the the results.

In the next post I will provide the step-by=step to add the script files to the toolbar, if you are interested, this is not necessary to run the scripts, just makes it a 1 click process.
Best Regards......George
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Replied by Eagle Six on topic Scripting - Batch Render

Hi Hans,

If you would like to place the Batch Render Scripts to your Vegas Pro toolbar (top of the display), here are the steps, if not you can ignore this post.

1. Go Options > Customize Toolbar...

2. In the pop up window, listed under 'Available toolbar buttons:', at the top of the list it should default to be selected 'Separator'. In the center is an 'Add' button, click this twice. This adds two 'Separator' vertical bars into the right list 'Current toolbar buttons:'. (HINT: if you do not want 'Separator's', you can skip this step).

3. Scroll down the 'Available toolbar buttons:' list to find 'RegionsAtEvents' and select it, it will have the 'NR' icon in front of it. Now click on the 'Add' button and this selection will be moved from the 'Available toolbar buttons:' to the 'Current toolbar buttons:'.

4. Repeat step 3 for moving BatchRender-Regions'.

5. Repeat step 3 for moving RemoveAllMarkerRegions'.

6. Repeat step 2 to place 2 'Separators' at the end, if you like, otherwise you can skip this step.

7. Click on 'Close'.

8. You will now see that the 'NR', 'BR' and 'RR' icons are on the right side of your top toolbar. If you have left the Vegas Pro color scheme at it's default installation settings, it may be difficult to distinguish the 'NR', 'BR', and 'RR' from each other, until you hover the pointer over one, then the background is changed making it easy to read. This is because I left the icon background transparent and the blue I selected isn't very bright against the Vegas Pro default dark color. When I made these up I was using Vegas Pro 13 and they showed up easier to read. Maybe I will redue them some day with a white background. (HINT: the 'NR' is short for and represents 'Name Region', the 'BR' is short for and represents 'Batch Render', the 'RR' is short for and represents 'Remove Regions'. They reflect how I wanted to remember them, but you could also make up your own icons).

9. That's it, now each of the scripts are available with 1 click, all in the order (left to right) as you would use them to Batch Render in the future.
Best Regards......George
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Replied by Eagle Six on topic Scripting - Batch Render

kiwihans wrote: I remember a couple of years back we had a lot of correspondence regarding working with 8mm movies. Did you have some luck doing some of your own movies?
I had a bad run this afternoon with a customers 8mm wedding movie. He showed me what they looked like. Obviously 20 years ago they did not worry about colour corrections. I did his wedding movie again and it looks much better now! It was a silent movie but he wanted me to add a background music track.
I just couln't get the music to play on the DVD I made for him. Found that the sound track was set to MUTE. I then unmuted the track but that this made NO difference. These days I rarely make DVD's - customers want their old movies on USB sticks the quality is far better.
Looks like old technology is not compatible with new technogoly. 6 DVD got tossed into the rubbish bin! I still haven't worked out what is going wrong.

I put it off, and put it off, while thinking about putting a setup together. Finally, with everything I had going on at the time, I decided to send it out, or never get it done. It was still, as you stated, a giant learning curve. After making several test to at restoration inside Vegas Pro, the results continued to become like plastic, so I opted to dump most of the restoration and leave it looking like old Super8 film, other than the frame rate. It certainly doesn't look like video, and I am fairly satisfied with the results. I also appreciate your contributions on film-to-digital. I published it on Youtube a few years back and have about 150K views. It is specific to those that may have a history with the Vietnam War. This is the link:
Best Regards......George
29 Mar 2019 04:34 #13

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