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Speedramp for Panorama Cropping was created by Max Croon

G'day there everyone!

I'm also using Vegas Pro 15 to create animations next to editing videos. Normally, I use the Panorama Cropping feature to move an object like a simple image around on the screen. To do this, I use simple keyframes.

My question is: Is there a way to apply something like a speedramp to the movement? So that my object is slowly speeding up on and slows down gently before reaching the endpoint? Right now, it is at full velocity immediately and stops rapidly as well. Of course I could just use many many keyframes to achieve a tempo curve, but this isn't really practical and I had to calculate the speeds to do it very smooth.

Is anyone aware of a solution for my 'issue'? Thanks very much in advance & Greetings from rainy Germany!
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Replied by Robbie on topic Speedramp for Panorama Cropping

Hi Max
If you right click on the pan keyframes you should see a number of options - "Linear", "Fast", "Slow", "Smooth", "Sharp", "Hold" - which have various envelopes. For more information on these options have a look at the "Changing the Interpolation Curve Between Keyframes" section under "Keyframe Animation" in the Help file.
Cheers, Robbie
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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Speedramp for Panorama Cropping

Thank you @Robbie

Right-click any Key-Frame to access speed settings.

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Peace :)
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