Solved VEGAS PRO 16 saving files in ver 14 format"

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I can see in the very top corner of your first screen shot, that you have the FX Bypassed / Side by Side Preview button turned ON.
This is why you are seeing half of the "NewBlueFX not activated watermark" - the photo is not corrupted.
Turn this OFF first, then you should see the watermark over all the entire image.

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Thanks Derek,
I believe I must have accidentally turned that on trying to make the 'trimmer' window open like it was in earlier versions.
Not being able to delete that offending photo really puzzled me and I tried everything I could think of. Finally I remember something you had told me about capturing things from different projects. First, I dragged that offending file to past the end of my project and then bringing in a new copy of the photo to replace it. Then what I did was open up a second copy of VEGAS Pro. I then selected everything except for that offending photo and copying it into the second copy of VEGAS Pro and renaming it. That worked and I was able to finish what I needed to do and then render it. I can now post it to YouTube. :-) All is well now so now I'm off to work on Part 3 of my 5 videos.
I just received a promo to upgrade to version 17 for $149 so now I have something else to ponder ;-)
DESKTOP: Dell PC WINDOWS 10 PRO, 64-bit, Ver:1607, OS BLD: 14393.1066
INTEL Core: i7-4790, CPU @3.60 GHz, Inst RAM:16.0 GB
GeForce GTX 745, Driver ver: 376.53, Tot avail grap: 12225 MB, Ded vid mem: 4096 MB DDR3
Shared Sys Mem: 8159 MB, DirectX Runtime Ver:12.0

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