Solved Hitfilm Toolkit Pack install on VP 18

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I have recently installed VP 18 (upgrade from VP16).

I had VP15 & 16 installed but just uninstalled them (retained them for old projects).

I have tried multiple (re)installations of Hitfilm Toolkit Pack (part of my VP 16 purchase) nothing in VP 18. Actually uninstalled 15/16/18 and Hitfilm (cleared Hitfilm in registry).

Re-installed VP 18 - then re- installed Hitfilm (re-registered) ... nothing in VP18.

My suspicion is that this is another Magix "freebie" limited to one version (ieVP16)?

Any suggestions gratefully applied. :(
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Another forum member experienced the exact same problem as yourself here:

Unfortunately the Hitfilm Toolkit that came with v16, will not work with v18.
The reason is because Vegas/Magix made a BIG change to how all 3rd party Video FX work in Vegas Pro and Vegas Movie Studio.
All 3rd party Video FX need to use a new coding protocol to work in Vegas Pro 18 now.
All 3rd party Video FX makers were made aware of these changes, more than 12 months before the change were implemented.

Sample packs like the Hitfilm Toolkit were not upgraded by their maker Hitfilm, because this is not a paid product.
If you want to keep using the Hitfilm Toolkit, re-install Vegas Pro 16 and use in VP16 only,
Buy Hitfilm Ignite Pro, which is the complete package of Video FX made by Hitfilm.
Ignite Pro is fully compatible with Vegas Pro 18.

* Please note that Hitfilm has BIG sales a few times a year, where they offer significant discounts.
Black Friday Sales will be happening soon and then you can buy much cheaper!

:idea: Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
Unplugging is the best way to find solutions to your problems. If you would like to share some love, post a customer testimonial or make a donation.
Peace :)
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Many thanks, Derek, you just saved me a lot more farting around! And confirmed (sort of) my suspicions.

I remember the days when "free bundles" meant permanent "free bundles"

Anyhoo, I'll follow your link and see if its worth it ... I'm suspecting "How much!!!

FYI (and others) I just installed a Seagate Fast SSD 1TB external drive for my project work ... coupled with VP 18, it has fixed my preview (now best full) and I expect rendering to be lightning fast.

I remember the heartaches of Super 8 editing ... this is a breeze.

Enjoy, and thanks again.
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Interestingly some old TP video FX have managed to bridge the change made by Vegas without needing to be updated to the codec change.

Magic Bullets QuickLooks which came with Movie Studio 12 appear in my VMS17 Platinum

The HitFilm FX that came within the Movie Studio 13 installation appear in my VMS17 Platinum by copying over the bundle folder to VMS17's OFX Video Plug-Ins folder.

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