Solved How to transfer Pro type Titler Presets into new version of Vegas Pro?

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Good morning. I was just about to post the following question.............................I Have just upgrade to Pro18 and would like to know if there is anyway I can get several Pro type Titler pre-sets that I have saved in Pro 17into Pro 18. Its no big deal as I only have about 4 or 5.
But miraculously it has happened automatically. Does the installation look for previous installed pre sets?
Cheers John
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There are 2 main places Custom Presets are saved for Vegas Pro.

1. OFX Presets are saved in Documents/OFX Presets

2. Non-OFX Presets like Pro Type Titler are stored in the Windows Registry.
Type "regedit" in Windows Search box and select RegEdit.
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