Question What options are available for buying Vegas Pro 19 ?

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I apologize if this has already been covered ad nauseum. I am new to the forum and I did use SEARCH before posting, but didn't find the exact info I am looking for.

I have been using Movie Studio for a LONG time - so long I forget how long.  I believe since before Sony bought it!  Now I am very discouraged that Movie Studio has been discontinued!!

My questions are these:

1.  Is it true that my only options now for using Vegas Pro are by subscription or to pay $599 for a "Full License"?  and how long does a "Full License" last?
2.  Magix still owns Vegas Pro, right?  What are the odds they'll discontinue or "morph" Vegas Pro into something hideous at some point?  ( I realize I'm asking for an educated guess here, not "fact", because we can't know for sure, unless someone has inside information, which is still subject to change).
3.  If I go to a completely different software editing platform, I'd love to hear opinions on what platforms offer the best combination of ease of use / intuitive interface, powerful features (comparable to Movie Studio) and a solid support and development path for the future (say, next 10 to 20 years, after which I won't care).

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding to a newbie to the forum.
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Hi wholmmovies

1. You can still buy Vegas Pro out right and no one is being forced to subscribe only!
Most Vegas Movie Studio users who don't want to learn a different program, are upgrading to Vegas Edit 19 for only $119.
The new Vegas Pro sales website is a bit confusing, if you don't realise what is going on.
When you get to the bottom, press the blue arrow and you will see there are 4x options for buying/upgrading/subscribing.

On my own website, I have separated all the options to make it easier to understand.
Look here:

Vegas Edit 19 is just Vegas Pro 19 by itself - this is the fully functioning version of Vegas Pro with no extras.
Press this link for upgrade deal

The subscription options come with more extras - mainly the ability to download royalty free videos from a large library of stock videos.

2. Magix still owns Vegas Pro.
Only Vegas Movie Studio has been cancelled.
I can guarantee you 1000% that Vegas Pro is here to stay and is not going to morph into something else.
Magix Germany created all the confusion, when they tried to trick Vegas Movie Studio users into upgrading to a completely different program.
Magix USA (Vegas Creative Software) are now focussing 100% on Vegas Pro only - they are the good guys in this mess.

I have made 2 videos on this topic.
This was the first one:

This is the 2nd one and explains the changes to Movie Studio.

3. I have no opinions of other video editing programs at this moment.
I am moving forward with Vegas Pro 19 and will be helping ALL Vegas Movie Studio users make the adjustment to Vegas Pro.


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