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Question Vegas Stream

Vegas Stream was created by pioneer

Posted 07 Feb 2023 22:59 #1
Good Morning to all.
After having loads of problems with Vegas post 19 that were unresolvable I took the decision to reformat my C Drive and reinstall Win11 build 22H2.
 I then reinstalled Vegas Post 19 along with effects and image and appears to be working ok (fingers crossed) apart from screen capture (just a black screen)and checking for Driver updates in the help menu.
So a question if I may?  Does anybody use Vegas Stream, if so are there any tutorials on explaining the basics please? I thought of using Stream for screen captures.
Cheers John
Please be aware that NSA/GCHQ are probably admiring my comments and sent images.
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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Vegas Stream

Posted 16 Feb 2023 18:15 #2
Hi John

I have never used VEGAS Stream.
Most people I know (including myself), use OBS instead.
OBS = Open Broadcaster Software

OBS is the No.1 screen capture and streaming software on the planet - it is free and open source.
It is very mature software now and can do very complex things if required.
Because OBS is far superior to VEGAS Stream, I've never bothered to use VEGAS Stream.
There are many folks on YouTube with tutorials on how to use it.

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