In this video tutorial I show you how to turn off Disk Defragmentation for SSD's - Solid State Drives in a computer running Windows 7.

If you do have an Solid State Drive in your computer, it is important to make sure that it is not "defragged" - SSD's don't need to be defragged like Hard Disc Drives. If they are regularly defragmented like a standard HDD - Hard Disc Drive, then you can dramatically shorten the life of the drive which would be a very bad thing.

There is an alternate method that can be used to keep your SSD in mint condition. You can use a Third Party piece of software like System Mechanic, which has a dedicated optimization tool that will look after your SSD. I highly recommend System Mechanic as one of the best programs you can use to keep your computer clean and running in mint condition for the life of your machine.

*Please Note*

Since making this tutorial, newer versions of Windows 7 now ignore any Solid State Drives "SSD" on your system. They are not defragmented by default.  


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    Bob · 13:40 15/07/2016
    Annual renewals for System Mechanic (Standard version, not Pro) can range from about $10 to as much as $30, if you sign up when receiving email notices from, the vendor. The System Mechanic Pro version includes their Virus/Malware product, and Annual Updates are more expensive. I use Norton 360 instead.
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    • Member
    · 17:14 08/02/2016
    Hi Derek- I downloaded the free version of System Mechanic. Even though the free version has limitations, it did an amazing job on my SSD (C: drive). This drive is a 250gb solid state and it showed only about 23gb free. After System Mechanic gave it some attention I have now 120gb free! I wouldn't mind buying the full version. I can't find out from the sellers how much it costs to renew every year. Any ideas?
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    Chris · 23:54 17/04/2013
    Thanks for the info.
    The comments on YouTube say you're wrong, but I know you're right.
    The reason I know is b/c my Win7 Defragmenter DOES defragment my ssk, and I can't rurn it off by selecting it in the Defrag applet. Imagine! The "official review" by MicroSnot says you it automatically does NOT defrag ssd's. What nonsense.
    So, I did what you said, and thanks for showing it to me, otherwise, I'd be trashing my new ssd.
    When on XP Pro 64, I used UltraDefrag.
    I'll look into the defrag utility you mentioned.
    Thanks again ... Chris
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      • Moderator
      · 13:50 18/04/2013
      Hi Chris
      Glad to be of service to you.

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