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This is Part Two of my tutorial showing how to create a DVD that has Menus, Sub-Menus and Navigation, using DVD Architect Studio and Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.

You can use the exact same process for making a BluRay Disc also.

Here is the link to PART ONE if you missed it:

How to make a DVD with MENUS Part 1 using Sony DVD Architect Studio 5.0

*Special Update - please read

Personally, I think the best way to make DVDs and BluRay Discs with Movie Studio and Vegas Pro, is to learn the "manual old fashioned way". This gives you maximum control over all settings and features. I have written an article in the FAQ section which explains the full workflow for preparing a video in Movie Studio or Vegas Pro for DVD/BluRay Disc production. Please follow this link:
How do I render a video in Vegas Movie Studio suitable for turning into a DVD using DVD Architect Studio ?


Buy the latest version of Vegas Movie Studio here !

VEGAS Movie Studio 17 Platinum

If you already own an older version of Vegas Movie Studio, you can purchase a discounted upgrade via this link.

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    E G Roberts · 05:33 05/10/2013
    Hi Derek - your video on making a dvd with menus (part 2) looks like the exact thing I've been looking for! But just as I thought that the long nights of tearing my hair out were at an end, it seems that the tutorial only plays for a couple of minutes before crashing!

    I've tried it a few times but with the same result every time, unfortunately. Is it possible to amend it from your end? As i say, it looks to be my holy grail, and it's frustrating to be so close and yet so far!


    E G Roberts
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      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 03:15 06/10/2013
      Hi there
      This video has been on YouTube for a couple of years now and has always worked. Most likely the YouTube Server that this video is living on is playing up, so there is nothing that I can do until YT fixes it.
      However, there is another thing you can try which sometimes works. Clear out ALL the history for your Internet Browser. Make sure to delete the cache and cookies as well. YouTube creates lots of cookies when videos are played. If these cookies are corrupted they can cause persistent errors. Also re-boot your Modem at the same time.
      now try and replay the video.
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        E G Roberts · 20:05 06/10/2013
        Sorted - thanks for the advice.


        E G Roberts

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