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In this video tutorial I show how to Synchronise your Audio if it does not match the video component using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.

Two Types of Audio Synchronization Problems

#1 Audio becomes stretched

There is a technique/tool called "elastique" which you apply to the audio track. With this tool you can stretch or shrink the length of the audio track, so that it becomes back in "sync" synchronisation with your Video. This is the type of audio sync problem that I show how to fix in the video tutorial.

#2 Audio drops out of Registration

The second type of audio synchronization problem you may encounter is where the Video Stream and Audio Stream slip out of basic sync. If you zoom right into the clip on timeline and have a look at the beginning or end of the video, the Video will either be stepped slightly forward or behind the Audio track. You can temporarily un-group the Video from Audio using the "Ignore Event Grouping" function, and then just drag one or the other stream slightly, until they line up underneath each other at either end.

You may have to jiggle this every so silghtly by a few frames to get it precisely back in Sync. Just keep playing back a small section and watch/listen to someone speaking if available in the clip.

Once you have finished remember to re-group the Video and Audio back together, otherwise you can end up in a bigger mess than what you started with.

Here are some screen shots showing what to do

ungroup button


shift audio to right


back in sync


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    Donaldo · 02:24 31/07/2020
    Thanks for posting this. It saved me a ton of time. It also works when audio track is a little too long. In my case the audio voice over was about 4 seconds longer than the video file. I am using version 13.0 and your steps work for that version. The voice over is a little faster than originally, but I don't think end users of the content will notice. Kudos to you sir!!
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      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 11:32 31/07/2020
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    Swappyy · 14:58 08/05/2019
    I record using bandicam im a indian yt creator. after recording with bandicam when I play the video the audio and everything is all right but when ever im going to edit the video in Sony vegas pro !6 the Audio doesn't sync with the video and the audio is faster than the video ?? any help plss
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    Alisha Ross · 16:07 05/04/2019
    my Dell Inspiron 15 7569 laptop has an integrated camera, it records and takes video flipping the image, any solution on how I can fix that and how I can record as how the image is previewed, it uses the windows 10 camera app


    Ross Alisha
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    Victoria Tegg · 18:03 20/02/2019
    I use the same webcam but I have windows 10 64-Bit I got the program installed but my problem is the little switch to switch between Photo and Video, only works on photo and video stays black/no picture, I read somewhere its a windows update that broke it... i remember it was working right before these new updates... and Logitech is shit they never update their software or try to address issues... I been waiting patiently for them to fix it but like a year later still nothing... I was also thinking about reverting back to windows 7 ult to see if it works... well after watching your video im good... I been using OBS Studio to record my webcam I like it better then the Logitech Software you should try it if you havnt

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