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In this tutorial I show all the New Blue FX and Transitions that come with Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 Production Suite.

One of the reasons why I love this particular version of Vegas Movie Studio, is because it comes with a bonus sample pack of New Blue Effects and Transitions.

Sometimes when people first install their NewBlueFx bundle, they are concerned that they didn't get the full number of effects because of what they have seen in my Video Tutorials on Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11. When you watch my tutorials you are actually seeing many "extra" NewBlue Fx bundles that I have bought myself direct from NewBlueFx.

To clear up anymore confusion, I have made this video to show you exactly which New Blue Effects and Transitions come with the Production Suite version of Vegas Movie Studio.


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    Daryl · 03:43 11/03/2014
    Hi Derek, I sent an email to your contact email earlier. I have a 720 x 480 live band performance on 2 sony prosumer cameras i recorded. On each, because the singer was under a bright light from over head, at various times her face is washed out, Not completely, but enough to make the performance un-appealing. This happened on some close ups as well depending on what angle the camera was.
    Can this be corrected in Sony studio 11? Or with any add-on applications? This will be a Demo video and I need to clean up that part of it as much as possible. Any help is much appreciated. Thank you. Daryl
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      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 15:58 11/03/2014
      I have answered this question via the carbon copy email you sent me. In future, please only send one message. It will get answered.
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    • Member
    · 19:26 01/03/2013
    Hey, Derek--I've got v. 12 (and 10 and 11) and I can't get the program to read my old NewBlue files. I've tried re-downloading the folders, but to no avail. I've look around Program Files and Common Files and seen some material, but not the effects from v. 10. I appreciate any help you can offer.
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      • Member
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      · 00:07 02/03/2013
      Older versions of Movie Studio (V10, V11) were 32bit programs only, designed for 32bit computers.
      Any NewBlueFx Transitions or Video Fx that came with the Suite versions, were only written for 32bit computers.

      Movie Studio Platinum 12 is now a 64bit program. So only 64bit plugins will work in this new version.
      MSP12 also comes as a 32bit version for people on older computers that are still running Vista 32bit or Windows 7 32bit. If you install the 32bit version as well, all your old NewBlueFx will show up in that version.
      Your license includes both versions.

      If you bought Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite, make sure you have installed the NewBlueFx.exe file. This one file contains the NewBlue Titler EX and a sample of Transitions and Video Fx. This time it has 32bit and 64bit versions of all plugins.

      If there are old NB Fx from the past that you would like to use with MSP12, then your only option is to buy the FULL Packs direct from NewBlue. The packages at NewBlueFx are extensive. I have about 5 different ones now.
      I buy them when they had one of their regular sales on.
      If you subscribe to the NewBlue Newsletter, you will get notifications of promos.


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