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In this video tutorial I show how to use Key-frames in the Event Pan and Crop Tool, to Zoom in and hold video using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10.

Understanding what a "keyframe" is and how to use it, is one of the most important things to learn if you want your effects and tools to be continually changing position and settings over time while the video plays.

So very simply, keyframes "animate" just about all Tools, Fx and Controls in Movie Studio and Vegas Pro.


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    Shooter Man · 11:54 17/02/2015
    I completed a DVD project in DVD Architect Studio Version 5.0 (Build 186) on my Dell All in One computer with Windows 8 O/S.

    My project is a BluRay DVD project. I only have 2 buttons on my main menu of my project. One button plays the entire project. The other button is linked to a specific point within the project. The menus and buttons all work perfectly in the PREVIEW screen through the software. I then complete and burn the project to a BluRay DVD. Once burned and inserted into a BluRay DVD player, the button tied to a specific portion within the project doesn't work. It will play the entire project and will not start at that specific point in time on my BluRay project. Instead of playing the DVD beginning from that specific point in the project as I indicated, it will play the whole project from the beginning.

    The playlist and link appears correct to me and the whole thing works perfectly in the PREVIEW. I can't figure this out and need some help.
    • Your comment will be reviewed by a moderator before it is published on the site.
      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 12:06 17/02/2015
      Please take Full Screen [b]screen shot[/b] of your DVD Architect desktop showing your project and then email to help[at]
      I need to see how you have set up the disk menu.

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