In this tutorial I show how to burn a simple DVD or Blu-ray Disc with no Menus, directly from the Sony Movie Studio Platinum timeline.

There are many different ways you can create DVDs or Blu-ray discs using Movie Studio Platinum and DVD Architect Studio. The method I show in this tutorial is the simplest of all. This is the best method to use when you are not interested in making fancy DVD or Blu-ray Menus for your disc. Since we are not going to create Menus, there is no need to use DVD Architect Studio. Everything can be done within Movie Studio Platinum.

If you want to actually burn a DVD or Blu-ray Disc that does have Menus, you will have to follow a different tutorial here.

Step 1 - Starting a New Project and Setting your Project Properties

It is always a good idea to start all your Movie Studio projects using the New Project wizard. This is where you can name your new project and tell Movie Studio what type of project you want to make.

Using my method I actually ignore the RegionAudioVideo and Project Settings. I will show you a superior and easier method for setting the main Project Properties at Step 2 and Step 3, so for the meantime just ignore the top section. Before you close the New Project window, please fill out the Name, check the output Folder address and select Manage Project Files. This will automatically create some folders for out project to live in and make your life a  lot easier.

New Project Wizard

Step 2 - Import your Videos

You can import your Videos by going to Project - Add Media or go to the Explorer tab, navigate through your computer and then drag your videos onto the timeline.

As soon as you import your first Video into the timeline, Movie Studio may open up a new window that says: "Do you want to set your Project Video Settings to Match this Media" ?

If this window does pop up, please say YES. This will automatically set your Project Properties for you.

If this window does not open up, do not worry. This normally means your Project Properties already match the media you have just imported. However you should not assume that this is always true. In the next step I will show you how to check that everything is set correctly.

Match Media settings

Step 3 - Check your Project Properties and Match Media Settings

Look above the Preview Window and press the Project Properties button to open the window.

Project Properties button

If the pop up window from Step 1 did not appear for you, press the Match Media Video Settings button which is marked with the red arrow below. Now navigate through your computer and select the same video you imported into your project above. If you imported more than one video, you only have to do this process once. This will automatically match your original videos properties to be the same as the Project Properties for the entire project.

The advantage of doing this, is that it should give you much smoother playback in the Preview Window while you are edting and also make sure you will be outputting to the correct video type for your DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

While you are in this window, make sure to also set the Full Resolution Rendering Quality to Best.

Project Properties - video

Then go to the Audio tab and make sure the Resample and Stretch Quality is also set to Best.

Project Properties - audio

Step 4 - Create your Project

Edit and create your project as you normally would.

Step 5 - Make Movie

Once your project is complete and ready to turn into a DVD or Blu-ray disc, remember to do one final Save As. Then press the Make Movie button. Select Burn it to a DVD or Blu-ray Disc.

Make Movie window

Step 6 - Burn DVD

If you want to burn a Blu-ray Disc, go directly to Step 8.

If you want to burn a DVD with no menus, select the first option that says "DVD" and then press Next.

Make Movie DVD

Step 7 - Selecting correct Video Format for DVD

If you have set your Project Properties correctly, Movie Studio Platinum will automatically choose the best Video Output Format for you. There are six options in the drop down list. Three are for the older 4:3 Aspect Ratio styled video and three are for 16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio video. Most people in 2014 will be using 16:9 Aspect Ratio.

Here is a list of different video frame rates that correspond to the main three video format options.

  • If your original video was shot at 29.97fps, 30fps, 60fps or 120fps, you will be using 720x480-60i (NTSC)
  • If your original video was shot at 25fps, 50fps or 100fps, you will be using 720x576-50i (PAL)
  • If your original video was shot at 23.976fps, 24fps or 48fps, you will be using 720x480-24p (NTSC)

Burn DVD

Estimated size of project and compatible writeable DVDs

Please note that if the Estimated Size is saying more than 4.7GBs, you will not be able to burn a disc using a Single Layer 4.7GB disc with this method. If you have some Dual Layer 8.5GB discs, it will work OK.

If you only have 4.7GB Single Layer discs and the estimated size is larger than 4.7GBs, you will have to use a different method for creating your DVDs.

Please read this article for futher instructions:
How to Compress and Fit a Long Video onto a DVD

If everything looks correct, you can pop a Writable DVD into your computer and press OK.

Movie Studio Platinum will automatically render the Video and Audio and then Burn a DVD for you.

That's it !

Rendering and Burning DVD

Step 8 - Burn Blu-ray Disc

If you want to burn a Blu-ray Disc with no menus, select the third option that says "Blu-ray Disc" and then press Next.

Select Blu-ray Disc

Step 9 - Selecting Correct Video Format for Blu-ray Disc

Keep the first Operation setting on option one.

Blu-ray supports two different Video Formats. So you can choose MainConcept MPEG-2 or Sony AVC/MVC. The choice is yours. Mainconcept does support a higher Bit Rate, so that is what I normally use.

Next you need to select a Video Template. Movie Studio Platinum should automatically set the best option for you. The main thing to check is the frame rate setting. So use the same information I shared when talking about frame rates for DVD.

The Audio settings only have one option, so there is nothing to set here.

If you added Scene Selection/Marker Points to your project, make sure to select "Insert Chapter Points at Markers".

If everything looks good, place a writable Blu-ray Disc into your computer and press OK.

Movie Studio Platinum will automatically render the Video and Audio and then burn the disc for you.

Blu-ray Output Settings




About Derek Moran
Derek Moran is the author of all articles on Movie Studio Zen.
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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tommy t · 07:31 10/12/2017
    Thanks for that advice,Derek, Not only did it work but it also reduced the render time by half!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek · 11:16 06/12/2017
    That is strange. DVD-R is a supported format.
    Were you able to burn discs in the past or is this the first time you have tried this?
    Disc burning problems are normally caused by Windows Driver problems or incompatible discs.
    If you bought cheapo generic blank DVDs, that could explain the problem.
    Make sure they are blank DVDs and not blank CDs.
    Also make sure you are selecting DVD and not Blu-ray in the options.
    It might be worth resetting Vegas back to factory default settings - sometimes that will fix weird problems.
    Reset instructions here:
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tommy t · 08:25 06/12/2017
    I havn't used vegas in quite a while, but I made a project with a few videos recent from my camera. When I go to burn to disc I keep getting a message," insert writable disc"'The discs I am trying are dvd-r. Any ideas?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek · 09:36 15/11/2017
    Are you talking about Movie Studio Platinum 13 ? OR What happens when you import video into DVD Architect ?
    If you have been using the basic method of burning a disc directly from the Movie Studio timeline and [i]not[/i] using DVD Architect, then most likely you may be running out of disc space due to the Temporary Files Cache filling up with garbage files.
    Go to Options/Preferences/General
    At the bottom of this window is the Temporary Files Folder for your computer.
    Copy this address and then go to Windows File Explorer (open the Documents window).
    Paste the address into File Explorer address bar and press return.
    Now sort the FILE SIZE column until you see LARGE files first.
    Do you see lots of LARGE files here ?
    If you do, I recommend you delete ALL the files in the Cache.
    Then re-boot Movie Studio and see if you can now burn a disc again.

    If you are using DVD Architect, I recommend you post your problem into the MSZ Forum.
    The forum is a better place for working out complex problems.
    Regards, Derek
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Jack · 02:23 15/11/2017
    I have suddenly started having the problem that Movie Studio Platinum 13 can't properly calculate available disc size and refuses to burn stating there is not enough space available to burn the disc when there is nearly double that which is needed.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek · 12:28 08/07/2017
    Hi Brian
    I have an answer for you, but it may end up being large and more complex than the space available here in the comments section. Can you please [b]copy and paste[/b] your question into the MSZ Forum. There is more space there and I can also upload screen shots if required. The forum is very friendly and not difficult to learn how to use. There is a HELP section on the forum as well.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Brian Noblitt · 09:23 08/07/2017
    Hi Derek, All my video is in 4K. All my efforts to burn to a Bluray Disk end with the program crashing. I have gone step by step through your tutorials but none seem to be starting with 4 K files. Can you Help?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Merrily · 17:50 22/11/2016
    Thank you Derek, that solves the prob - much appreciated.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek · 18:30 21/11/2016
    I suggest you watch the alternate tutorial that was linked at the beginning of this article.
    You need to render out each separate video first and then you can import them into a DVD Architect project - so you will be repeating the process shown in this tutorial below for each video.

    I have an old 2 part tutorial which goes into much detail about creating DVDs with Menus.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Merrily · 20:18 20/11/2016
    Hi Derek, I have made several short projects of about 10 mins each - they are movies of family gatherings at various times. I did this with your help and MovieStudio Platinum 13. But I want to burn them all to one DVD - well actually several DVDs to distribute round the family. How do I do this? I'd be most grateful if you could help.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek · 13:44 28/09/2016
    Yes you need a Platinum version of Movie Studio, which includes DVD Architect Studio.
    There are two special offers available right now, to upgrade to Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13 and also receive Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14 when it is released next year.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tiffany · 12:22 28/09/2016
    Hi Derek,
    So, is it correct that I can not burn dvds using the movie studio version 13? I will have to upgrade in order to burn dvds.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek · 09:40 09/03/2016
    Cool I'm glad you got it sorted out.
    Please join the Movie Studio Zen Forum if you need any help in the future. It is a very friendly place to find help.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ian · 23:29 08/03/2016
    My thanks to you Derek, problem resolved! DVD successfully burnt and YouTube video uploaded!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek · 12:34 08/03/2016
    Hi Ian
    I can guess as to what your first problem is, if you have only been trying to burn a simple disc direct from the timeline. The is a glitch that can happen with this basic method, if you have a "loop region" created on the timeline. Look on the timeline of your project right now. Somewhere you will see two small yellow triangles. If these are showing, it means only what is between them is going to be rendered. Drag both of them back to the ZERO point of the timeline and then the problem will go away. Try burning another disc right now.
    If you still have problems after this, it is a far better idea if you use DVD Architect as well to create your DVD. This is a superior method. Read/watch this tutorial:
    Also take a close look at STEP 6 and the 2nd screen shot. [b]Render Loop Region Only[/b] needs to be turned OFF.

    For your 2nd problem, never use the [b]Upload to YouTube[/b] feature in Movie Studio. Because YouTube is always changing their code, this app is completely unreliable and should not be used. Always render your videos and save to the Hard Drive. Then press the UPLOAD button on YouTube and navigate to Documents/Movie Studio Projects/YourProject/yourvideo.mp4
    This tutorial shows exactly what to do in V12:

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek · 12:20 08/03/2016
    Hi Steve
    My apologies for taking over 4 weeks to reply to your message. There was a bug in the websites comment module that meant I was not being reported when I new comment was being made, so I had no idea your message was here. Problem is now fixed.
    DVD uses a very strict format, that is already optimized for best image quality. So there is no need to try a re-invent the wheel and muck around with the settings.
    1. All DVD is [b]Interlaced[/b] and the Field Order should not be changed.
    2. Re-sampling is a different kettle of fish and can be turned off for most projects - this I would recommend doing.
    3. Don't touch Field Order. The most important thing about making a DVD is the Bit Rate. The Bit Rate will be determined by the [b]total length in time[/b] [i]all the video[/i] that you want on a single disc. If the time is less then 80 minutes, the default settings are perfect. If it is more than 80 minutes, you will need to change the Bit Rates to make the file smaller. I have an in-depth tutorial that teaches how to do this here:

    As I show in all my tutorials, the best method for starting a new project is to use the Match Media function. The program normally asks if you want to do this, when you import your first video. This then sets the Project Properties to match the Video Properties. This normally gaurantees good play back of video, because frame rates and field orders will be set correctly.

    Final comments: Why are you making DVDs from 4K source material in 2016 ?
    You should be burning Blu-ray discs which support HD 1080 video and will look infinitely better than DVD, which is only 1/24th the resolution of 4K video!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ian · 11:15 08/03/2016
    Hi Derek, I've spent the best part of a year making a film about my mum and Alzheimer's on Sony MS platinum 12. Imagine my horror when trying to burn a disc tonight.....and it hasn't worked! I've (seemingly) done everything correctly with plenty of space on the disc, right render rates, etc...and it burnt something onto the disc, you could see it doing it. But no end product! To top it off, it's also not letting me upload to YouTube or share online. (Something to do with server not recognising). Any help would be extremely appreciated. Had I not already lost all my hair I would be pulling it out right now! :-) many thanks
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Steve H · 08:56 06/02/2016
    Hi Derek - Great tutorials - I have learned a lot from them.

    Question: What are settings to use that creates highest quality files that will be used to create a DVD (I know it will be 720x480) if my source material is 4K (3840x2160)? The settings I always question are
    1. Project Properties
    Field Order
    Deinterlace Method
    2. Media properties: Should I disable resample?
    3. Make Movie/Main Concept MPEG-2 template
    Field Order
    Variable Bit rate settings (Max/Avg/Min)

    If my source material is 1440x1080i, I see field order will equal upper or lower. Would any of the previously mentioned settings change?

    Thanks for any insight.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek · 16:39 27/10/2015
    You need the Platinum version of Movie Studio to burn DVDs.
    You can upgrade your non-platinum version to Movie Studio Platinum 13 or Movie Studio Suite 13 - both are 40% off until the end of November 2015.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tracie · 16:23 27/10/2015
    I have the first Sony Movie Studio (not platinum). How can I burn a DVD? It doesn't give me the option in the "Make Movie" box. Is there another way?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek Moran · 23:56 02/01/2015
    You will need to create a DVD with Menu using DVD Architect.

    Follow this tutorial first:

    Then follow this, but start at Step 3. This shows how to import video into DVD Architect.
    Once you have your thumbnail for the video inside Menu Screen, as shown in 2nd last screen shot from linked article above this line, Double-click thumbnail.
    It should automatically highlight [b]End Action[/b] in [b]Media Properties[/b] panel (top right).
    Set Destination to = same video you imported.
    Video will now go into continuous play loop when activated. You can preview this using Preview Window.


  • This commment is unpublished.
    Johannes Charles · 23:29 02/01/2015
    Hello Team,

    I need to create a video that loops back without ending\playing over and over.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek Moran · 13:57 14/12/2014
    Excellent !
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ward Saylor · 13:53 14/12/2014
    Magic. Your second suggestion is working! Can't thank you enough for your omniscience.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek Moran · 13:34 14/12/2014
    I just realized what is actually going on in your situation. It is a little bit more complicated than I first explained. What is happening to you is quite rare and is caused by a fault with the program.

    "Render Loop Region Only" is turned ON and is the problem, however there are no controls for turning this OFF in the Burn DVD window.
    This is how to fix.
    Go to the very beginning of timeline and zoom right in to the frame by frame level.
    At the top of timeline you will see small yellow triangles. These triangles signify a "loop region". Grab hold of the 2nd triangle and drag it back to the ZERO point. This will turn "Loop Region" off. Your DVD should now render OK.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek Moran · 13:18 14/12/2014
    Hi Ward

    Your lucky that I am online right now !
    Sounds like you have "Render Loop Region Only" turned ON by mistake. This is a very common problem and easily fixed. Setting is near the bottom of Render As window. Turn it off and then re-render.

    Let me know how you go.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ward Saylor · 13:08 14/12/2014

    I have Vegas Platinum 11.
    I have created a 52 minute movie which I am trying to burn to DVD.
    Using the Wizard, it tells me my project is 3.66gB
    However, when I try to make a movie it only renders and burns the first frame.
    Any thoughts on how I can burn the entire project?
    Ward Saylor
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek Moran · 19:05 23/10/2014
    Hi Charles

    MPEG2 video encoding uses the CPU only for rendering.
    If you have any Video Fx in the project, this will add a lot more time to the total render time.

    What model CPU is your laptop using ?
    How much RAM is installed ?

    Many laptops come pre-installed with software from the manufacturer, that deliberately limits the speed of the CPU. This is designed to extend battery life. If you have a program like this installed, turn it OFF or un-install it.

    Also make sure you always have the mains power connected when rendering video - running on battery will deliberately limit the CPU speed.

    The main thing to look at is not in Movie Studio, but in the Windows Power settings.
    Go to [b]Control Panel[/b] - [b]Power Options[/b].
    Set to [b]High Performance[/b] before you render.
    You can open this up further by going into [b]Change Advanced Power Settings[/b].
    Scroll down to [b]Processor Power Management[/b] and make sure [b]Maximum[/b] is set to 100%.

    Back in Movie Studio, go to Options - Preferences - Video tab
    Look at GPU Acceleration.
    Open drop down box - if your GPU is there select it and re-boot Movie Studio.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    charles · 09:01 23/10/2014
    hello hope all is well i have a question about burning and i know it deals with the working off a laptop fairly new but when i go to burn a project in know it takes so much longer that it should do i change in the program to make it burn good quality at a shorter period of time thanks
  • This commment is unpublished.
    John · 23:22 09/08/2014
    Thank you Derek.
    Good information.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Derek Moran · 23:01 09/08/2014
    Yes it is OK to change your settings.
    You do not have to restart the project.
    There is only one thing to be careful of when you change your Project Property settings halfway through a project. If you have already added any Text Media events, the frame size will not change for the Text. So open the Text up and make sure Frame Size is same as Project Properties Frame Size.
    Example: If you start at 720x480 and change to 1920x1080, the Text Media window will stay at 720x480. Manually enter 1920x1080 to reset. Leaving at 720x480 may make the Text look blurry at 1080p resolutions.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    John · 21:20 09/08/2014
    Hi Derek
    Your tutorials are really well done so thanks for that.
    Before I saw your tutorial on creating the settings for a DVD I had already begun my project. If I want to change to your settings is it OK to just go back and reset the settings? I guess so but would like to know if would be better to start over.
    Thanks again

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