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In this video tutorial I show how to Crop a Video to 2.39:1 Cinema Style Widescreen Aspect Ratio using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.

I give you the measurements and instructions for 1080p, 720p, 480p and 360p video.

Because there are so many different types Aspect Ratios that are in use, there really is no "standard". I chose 2.39:1 to demonstrate this tutorial, but you could just have easily used 2.35:1 - basically there is no right or wrong - just personal preference.

Here is a link to an article on Wikipedia which explains the differences between all the Aspect Ratios used by the Film Industry and also talks about the history of the film industry:


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    Chris Hanson · 01:56 04/10/2020
    How do you frame a video to 2.39:1 when you are using 4k video instead of HD?
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      · 14:08 04/10/2020
      This is a very old tutorial now.
      Since making this video, I would advise handling different Aspect Ratios using a different method now.
      What most professional film makers would advise, is to set your Project Properties to the aspect ratio you want to use and not add black bars to create a crop. When you use this method, the video player or TV you play the movie on, will automatically add pure black for the cropped areas.
      If your 4K video is 3840 pixels wide, you need to set the Height = 1606 pixels.
      To work out the height of any custom Aspect Ratio, divide the ratio you want to use into the Width of your source video.
      3840 / 2.39 = 1606
      When you set your Project Properties to 3840x1606, you will see the Preview Window become 2.39:1
      IMPORTANT: When you import your 4K video, don't say yes to then pop-up that asks if you want to Match the Media !!!
      There is a 2nd step you need to complete, for this to work correctly.
      On your Video Track, open the Track Motion window.
      Set the Width = 5160 pixels - this will zoom the video out to fill frame.
      If you want to move the video frame up/down, you could do that as well.
      If you need anymore help with this, please post a message on the MSZ Forum.
      *I don't normally do this, but I have just emailed some screen shots to you as well, so you can see what I mean.

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