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Uploading a Video to YouTube from Movie Studio or Vegas Pro should be a simple task.

There are two different ways you can upload a video file to YouTube or Facebook, using Sony Movie Studio or Sony Vegas Pro. For some very strange reason though, this simple task can turn into an absolute nightmare for anyone who is a brand new user of either program. I remember even myself having this problem when I first started using Movie Studio many eons ago.

Two Methods

There are two methods you can use with both programs. One seems like the logical choice and the other is actually my preferred and safest method to use.

  1. Use the "Upload to YouTube" or "Upload to Facebook" feature in Movie Studio or Vegas Pro.
  2. Render your video first and then manually upload to YouTube - best choice.

*Upload to Facebook is a new option that has just been added to Movie Studio Platinum 13.

I strongly advise people NOT to use the automated Upload to YouTube or Facebook options. When you select this option after pressing Make Movie, the program asks for your login details for YouTube or Facebook. It then renders (Makes a Movie) from your project using preset templates. Once the video has finished rendering, it attempts to login to your account and upload the video file. Unfortunately, this is where the whole process can fail and you begin to curse and swear at your innocent computer. If you accidentally do not enter your correct user name and password, the upload will fail and you can end up loosing your newly rendered video.

Best Method

I encourage everyone to manually render your video first, which saves it safely to your Hard Drive.

Follow these links for a full list of ALL my "How to Render Video Tutorials". I have special tutorials for every single version of Vegas Pro and Movie Studio Platinum. Each version is different, so make sure you watch the correct one.
All Rendering Video Tutorials for Vegas Pro & Movie Studio

Once the video has finished rendering, then you can login to YouTube or Facebook yourself and press the UPLOAD button. Next you then search for your newly rendered video which should live in the following address:

Movie Studio users look here:

My Documents - Movie Studio Platinum Projects - My Project - Renders - my video
My Documents - Vegas Movie Studio Platinum Projects - My Project - Renders - my video

Vegas Pro users look here:

My Documents - Vegas Pro Projects - My Project - my video

Make sure you select the correct VIDEO FILE !

When searching for your video file, make sure you actually select the Video File and NOT the Project File. The video file should be a dead give away, because it's file size will be significantly larger than all the other smaller data files that may be in your projects folder. Project Files end in .vf for Movie Studio projects and .veg for Vegas Pro projects. Project files contain no video and cannot be uploaded to a website. Trying to upload one of these project files is a very common mistake.


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    TheGamingPic · 05:32 04/06/2017
    It doesn't upload it says file format not recognized and I changed it to .mp4! Please Help me!
    • Your comment will be reviewed by a moderator before it is published on the site.
      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 17:46 04/06/2017
      Which file did you try to upload the FIRST time ?
      You must render your video first - I have many different tutorials on this topic if you have a look.
      Rendering a video (or using Make Movie, which means the same thing) will produce a .mp4 video. It will also be a very LARGE file. This is your video and this is what you need to find and upload.
      A .veg or .vf file is NOT a video file - these types of files are project files that contain NO video. DO NOT try and upload these files because they will not work.
      I suggest you also read this FAQ:
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    Fun with Franklin · 05:56 12/05/2017
    How do I export a video after it renders? Or does movie studio 14 automatically exports after rendering is complete?
    • Your comment will be reviewed by a moderator before it is published on the site.
      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 10:01 12/05/2017
      I recommend to n[i]ever[/i] use the [b]Upload to YouTube[/b] app, because it causes too many problems.
      After you have rendered your video, go to YouTube and press Upload button.
      Then navigate to Documents/Movie Studio Projects folder.
      Find project folder and select .mp4 video - video will begin to upload.

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