Sony Creative Software is always releasing new build versions of all their software, so it is important to make sure your version is up to date.

Vegas Pro 11 and Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 in particular are continually being updated to fix bugs and performance issues and also to add new features. So if you actually own a registered copy of Vegas, DVD Architect Studio, Sound Forge Audio Studio, etc.....then you are entitled to download for free any new build versions of the program that may be released during the lifetime of the particular version you own.

Automatic Updates

There is an automatic update feature within all versions of Sony Creative Software, which checks for new build versions everytime you boot up a program. If a new free build has been released a pop up window will give you a direct link to the download area at SCS.

Manually Updating

Sometimes the automatic update procedure will fail on a computer. This is normally caused by an over zealous virus protector program or web browser which blocks the pop up window from activating. This is why it is a good idea from time to time to manually check for updates. Please watch my video tutorial and I will show you exactly what to do.

Updating Third Party Plug-ins

Most people using Vegas Pro or Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 will have some third party plug-ins installed like NewBlueFx or BorixFx. All these pieces of software should also be checked for updates as well.

Just like with Sony Vegas there should be some automatic tools which check this for you, however New Blue especially can experience some big problems especially with older versions of their software. As an example I discovered the the NewBlue "Check for Updates" link in their software was producing a false reading. Basically saying that no updates are available when there actually was. I show how to get around this problem in the video tutorial as well.

So remember to check for updates !


Buy the latest version of Vegas Pro here !


If you already own an older version of Vegas Pro, you can purchase a discounted upgrade via this link.



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    Randall Paul · 17:03 15/11/2016
    I amunable toaccess teh sony sight and find any of this information i have pro 12 and it just directs me to what i can buy. I have been using vegas for 12 years and since it has changed to Magix it has gone down hil and i am experiencing bugs I have never had prior Not happy
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      • Moderator
      · 18:29 15/11/2016
      The UPDATE function will not work for older versions of Vegas anymore, because a new company now has control and development of ALL older versions has ended. Vegas Pro 12 has not been updated for over 3 years - there are no further updates. If you need to re-download the final build version for Vegas Pro 12, you can do that through this archive:
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    Richard · 10:57 12/06/2013
    Should you uninstall previous versions before installing new versions of SCS?

    What directory structures do you recommend for ease of use for file management?
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      • Moderator
      · 22:52 12/06/2013
      You do NOT have to un-install older versions of any SCS program - it does not cause a conflict.
      I have every version I have ever bought all installed on the same computer.
      You don't have to do anything special for file management - just use the defaults.
      The main thing to do is not move your source files around after you start creating projects. For increased performance during rendering, install 2x Hard Drives in your computer. Use one to store all your original Video files on (Original Video Library) and the 2nd Hard Drive to Output all your projects to (drive where My Documents would live). Creating this configuration means one Hard Drive only has to Read files and the other only has to Write files. This will make sure your Hard Drives are working at maximum speed,

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