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Today’s Sony Vegas Zen Tip #5 is all about my favourite Keyboard Shortcuts for Vegas Pro and Movie Studio Platinum.

I have collated every single Keyboard Shortcut that exists for both Sony Vegas Pro and Sony Movie Studio Platinum into a downloadable eBook. If you join the Movie Studio Zen Forum, you will automatically receive a copy of this guide. If you are not interested in joining the Movie Studio Zen community, you can simply download the eBook by following this link here.

Here is a list of my Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts

CTRL + O Opens a Saved Project

CTRL + N Starts a New Project

CTRL + SHIFT + Q Inserts a New Video Track

CTRL + Q Inserts a New Audio Track

` (grave accent) Shrinks the Timeline Tracks

CTRL + ` Expands the Timeline Tracks

S Splits Media Files on the Timeline

DELETE Deletes Files from the Timeline

J Plays Video Backwards

K Stops Playback

L Plays Video Forwards

SPACEBAR Plays Video

CTRL + ▲

CTRL + ▼

CTRL + ►

CTRL + ◄

CTRL + Mouse Wheel moves sliders in small increments

F11 Makes Timeline go Fullscreen


The information in this tutorial applies to all versions of Sony Vegas Pro and Sony Movie Studio Platinum.


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    Achim · 08:40 22/11/2019
    Hi Derek, you helped me already with something I don't recall quite a while ago. Now, after searching desperately and in vain with Vegas for the (should be, simple) short cut for moving/jumping from one edit point to the next (or previous) in the timeline I send my plea from Germany to Down Under: Can you help me? And the second question: Why does Vegas - if the function exists at all - hide this keyboad short cut so thoroughly? Best Regards, Achim
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    Eagle Six
    • Member
    · 02:33 13/03/2016
    Derek, this is a great tutorial. Very helpful for the point and click generation and those wanting to speed up their workflow editing chores. It's especially helpful for us old timers who started prior to the mouse (I suppose that dates me!!!).

    Best Regards...George

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