In today's Sony Vegas Zen Tip #16, I show how change the thumbnail view on the Vegas timeline and how to force thumbnail creation inside your video file folders in Windows.

All the information talked about in this article, applies equally to Vegas Pro and Movie Studio Platinum users.

Thumbnail Display on Timeline

You can control the behaviour of video thumbnails on the timeline, by change your preference settings here:

Go to Options/Preferences/Video/Thumbnails to show in video events

thumbnails timeline

thumbnails timeline settings

Display of File Names on Timeline

You can show the file name for all your media files on the timeline, by going turning on View/Active Take Information.

Corrupt Thumbnail Images

If the thumbnails displaying anywhere on Vegas Pro or Movie Studio Platinum desktop don't look correct, that normally means the temporary files cache has become corrupt. Open the cache up and delete all the thumbnail folders. The next time you open a project, the thumbnails will self regenerate for you.

Go to Options/Preferences/General tab, to find the location of your temporary files cache. Then copy and paste the address into a Windows Explorer window. Now you can delete the folders.

Video Thumbnails Not Working Inside Your Video Storage Folders

Windows is not always able to create thumbnail pictures for your Video files. When this happens, a generic Media Player image is normally displayed instead of a picture from your video. There is an easy fix to this annoying problem. Download and install a tiny little application called Icaros. With Icaros, you can set all the file extensions that are not working and it will force thumbnail creation for you.

Download Icaros from here:


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    Eric Wylie · 04:42 28/01/2017
    Thank you! Very helpful. I just did this with Vegas Pro 14 for some sticky thumbnails in the Project Media bin. I used the path from 'preferences' to find the folders and deleted the "Media Pool Thumbnails" folder. Then re-opened Vegas Pro 14 and all is well!
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    Ludmil · 20:38 30/07/2016
    does not work, I do not see "Thumbnails to show in video events" under Preferences/Video
    • Your comment will be reviewed by a moderator before it is published on the site.
      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 00:08 31/07/2016
      Have another look at your Preference Settings!
      I have added a screen shot into the article above, showing exactly where this setting is.
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    Eagle Six
    • Member
    · 02:22 25/03/2016
    Another great tutorial Derek, good tips, and nice app. Thank You.

    Best Regards....George