Q: How do I remove Audio from Video ?

Answer: To remove the Audio component from a Video clip in Sony Movie Studio or Sony Vegas Pro, you must first "Un-Group" the two layers. Only then can you right-click on the Audio Layer and select delete.

This method can also be used vice versa to remove the Video and keep the Audio Component, or simply for taking the audio and video out of sync and moving each layer freely around the timeline.

Method 1


Right-click on the Video or Audio Layer on the timeline.


Now the two layers are free to move independently.


Right-click on the layer you wish to Delete.


Now you have just the Video Layer.

Method 2

The 2nd method is great for very quick edits. Simply press the button shown in the screen shot to un-group the video from audio. Please make sure you turn this off once finished, otherwise you can end up in a really big mess.


Method 3 

There is a way to avoid this situation completely. Instead of using a Left Mouse click and dragging your files onto the timeline, use a Right Mouse click instead. When you let go of the mouse button, a menu will appear with different options. Select Add Video Only - Add Video Across Time. This will import the Video component only.

Importing video only


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