If you are not receiving Emails from Movie Studio Zen, one of the following things may be occurring.


Check Junk Mail Folders

Your emails have been caught in your local Spam or Junk Mail Folders.

Activation link sent to email address

When you create a New Account, the system immediately sends an Activation Email to you. You should see this arrive in your Inbox within 30 seconds, however sometimes the email service provider you are using causes a small delay. You may have to wait up to 5 minutes for this email to arrive.

Wrong email address used

You accidentally typed the wrong email address into the Registration Form.

This is actually quite a common mistake to do. If you think you may have done this, send me an email and I can fix the problem for you immediately.

Inbox is full

Your Inbox is Full and cannot receive any more mail.

Once anyone's Inbox is FULL, it is impossible for new email to be received by your Inbox. Most email clients have a LIMIT in MegaBytes to the size of your Inbox. So you must continually clean out your Inbox and move old emails into other folders or delete old messages permamently. If you have many emails with large attachments like photos, then these will fill up your Inbox very quickly. Emptying your Inbox immediately is the only remedy !

Spam filter blocking emails

Your Email Service Provider has an overly aggressive Spam Filter and is blocking all email from Movie Studio Zen. 

On rare occasions, particular Email Service Providers use overly aggressive Spam Filters which will block Movie Studio Zen emails permanently and you will never get to see it ! When this situation has occurred in the past, I get emails from you, but I cannot send emails back to you !

I always answer ALL email that is sent to me. So if you send me an email telling me that you are NOT receiving any emails, then YOU MUST use a different email address to message me, so that I can reply to you. If you use the same email address that is being blocked, then it becomes impossible for me to ever communicate with you. Gmail is the most reliable of all the email service providers.

Email Service Providers Blocking MSZ Email

Some Email Service Providers & Internet Service Providers have internal Spam/Junk email filters that block email before you ever get to see it ! If your email service provider is doing this, I strongly recommend that you switch to a different provider.

Two service providers that are doing this to Movie Studio Zen email are Road Runner in the USA and Spark in New Zealand.

Email Grey Listing

Your Email Service Provider is deliberately delaying the delivery of emails by "temporarily rejecting" the email - this is called "grey listing".

There is nothing that can be done. If the email is being delayed, it will normally turn up in a few hours or days. This is totally out of the control of either you or I.

Email Server is down

Your Email Service Provider or Movie Studio Zen's Email Service Provider is temporarily down.

On extremely rare occasions Email Servers may go down (could be my email service or yours) which would then cause messages to bank up and delivery to be delayed.