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Chris Drage

A fantastic website run by a remarkable guy! I have, over the years, asked for Derek's help on more occasions than I can remember. He always responds, quickly, informatively, offering suggestions and comments that have always proven beneficial. His video tutorials are legendary and anyone who's just starting out with Sony video editing, Derek's website is THE starting place. For old hands, his tutorials inspire and challenge and provide starting points for your own video editing discoveries. A real STAR! Keep it up mate - it's just getting better and better.

Larry Treffry

I've had great fun making family videos as well as videos for friends. I could not have done any of them without the knowledgeable and patient help of Derek! Tippecanoe & Derek, too!

George Dean

Best forum on the planet. Derek and members are informative, courteous, and provide in-depth answer and suggestions. For both beginners and advanced users. Derek's tutorials are extremely helpful. Thank You Doctor Zen for running a class 'AAA' website. Best Regards.....George

Melody & Ric Schafer

Ric & I are BRAND NEW to creating & editing videos on YouTube. We had NO IDEA how to do anything with the Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 software we had. If it weren't for Movie Studio Zen we would not have any videos up on our channel. He taught us EVERYTHING we know so far. He has been there every step of the way. Anytime we had a question he was there giving us step by step instructions. Derek is the best teacher we've ever had in our lives....and we aren't spring chickens :) Thank you Derek! We appreciate you very much!

Nashville Side Streets

We are EXTREMELY grateful for Derek and his informative website. He is thoughtful, very responsive, and thorough. The website is well designed and easy to use. We cannot say anything but positive comments--don't know what we would do without Derek!


Derek is an awesome great guy who knows his stuff. He's always been extremely helpful to me and incredibly patient. With his website and videos and the forum he provides superb resources which I am very grateful for.

Peter Holmes

March 2021 - Hi Derek, I have missed your great input and am really pleased you are back. Will look forward to your tutorials that make the very complicated understandable. Keep up the wonderful work. Peter - England


My video editing 'career' started with Movie Studio 12 and Derek's easy-to-follow and helpful tutorials have been my go-to resource ever since. When I've not found the answer to a problem in the forum, Derek (and others) have replied promptly and courteously to my queries. As a result, I have been able to produce videos and DVDs of family holidays and my mountaineering adventures which I will be able to watch when I am unable to travel or climb. Thank you very much Derek, you're star, mate.


Brilliant resource for me over the last 10 years. I was using Movie Studio and was helped greatly, especially on creating proxy files. I've watched a lot of videos that Derek has made. Thanks Derek. I've moved to Vegas Pro now.

Dan Eskelson

Derek's tutorial on frameserving is outstanding! It takes a great skill to present a complex process with logic and precision. Follow the steps as presented and success is assured. Thank you Derek for your good work! Dan Eskelson


What a fabulous resource! I first started using Derek’s website in 2012 after purchasing Sony Movie Studio Platinum 10. I had several hours of a family overseas holiday that I wanted to cut down to something more watchable. Being new to editing I had no idea where to start. Between Derek’s website and his personal answers to my questions I was able to produce an entertaining and informative video with great memories. I have since revisited his website numerous times and thoroughly enjoy his very informative and easy to understand tutorials. As it is sometimes over a year between my editing stints I know I can always rely on Derek’s website to find the answers I need to any assist me through the editing process. Anyone new to Vegas Movie Studio and wanting assistance, you need look no further. Derek, you are the man! Thank you for being so generous with your time, it is truly appreciated.

John Wilson

Top drawer. been with him over 5 years. Nothing is ever too much trouble. He hits the mark every time. Great tutorials, always answers queries and solves them. He gets 9 and 67 70ths out of 10, but I am a bit icky...Hope he never changes.

Peter Dillon

A forum and site unlike most others on the web! No evidence of snobbish attitude, no rude comments, no "you don't fit in ". But there is : An open environment to learn, an atmosphere and ability to ask questions at all levels, clear to the point replies that make the questioner feel they are obtaining a personalised response but at the same time everybody else is involved. One day, even I might be able to supply somebody with advice at the rate this forum is educating me! Peter

Steven A Ludsin

I searched for a program to get acquainted with HandBrake and I was thrilled to find Movie Studio Zen. I am trying to convert videos to Mp4 for editing purposes and the You Tube video was clear and gave me confidence that I am close to solving the problem. Well done or as they say, well played!

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