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Q: Can you crop video using Vegas Movie Studio?

Answer: Yes - you can crop videos using Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum.

There are two main tools you can use to crop and/or re-position video in Vegas.
The Event Pan/Crop Tool and Track Motion Tool.

You can also cut "shapes" out of video with the Cookie Cutter Tool in all versions of Vegas.

The ONLY thing you cannot "cut out" is irregular shapes with the Movie Studio versions of Sony Vegas.
"Cutting Out" using a pair of electronic scissors is called "Masking" and is a Vegas Pro Feature ONLY.


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    Roy · 01:48 18/09/2015
    How do you save it once it has been cropped
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      · 14:35 18/09/2015
      There are two distinct and different steps/functions you need to do.
      #1. Go to Project/Save As to save the Project file. The project file contains no video, just the instructions for what you have done on the timeline. You must do this regularly while editing, so you don't loose any of your work. If you are using Vegas Pro, go to File/Save As.
      #2. In Movie Studio go to [b]Make Movie[/b] to render your project into a new video. This is saved to My Documents/Movie Studio Projects/Your Project/yourvideo.mp4
      If you don't know how to render/make movie, please watch one of my tutorials on this topic. I have one for each version of Movie Studio and Vegas Pro.

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