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Q: How can I squeeze a large video onto a DVD using DVD Architect Studio or DVD Architect Pro?

Answer: There are two ways you can do this. The first method is very easily done using a special tool in Sony DVD Architect Studio 5.0 or DVD Architect Pro 6.0. Please see below for instructions.

The second method is a much more advanced way to fit a large video or many smaller videos onto a single DVD. This method will give you a higher qualtiy video and should take less time to render in DVD Architect.

Please follow this link to learn the Advanced Method:
How to Compress and Fit a Long Video onto a DVD

Easy Method

Step One:

optimize disc

Step Two:

optimize disc 2


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    Ken Gullette · 03:05 29/04/2017
    I have a video with menus that comes in at 9.1 gigs. I want to fit it to a dual layer disc (8.5 gigs). I try "fit to disc" and get an error message that the file is too large to fit to the disc. Is there any way around this?
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      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 15:48 29/04/2017
      I have no idea why you are receiving this message, normally this works every time.
      Personally I never use this function and advise most people to avoid using this function, because it is a blunt instrument.
      The superior method involves pre-rendering your video using Custom Bit Rates. Then when the video gets imported into DVD Architect, it will fit perfectly without having to be re-compressed.
      This is the tutorial I suggest you follow:
      If you have any problems following this tutorial, post a message on the MSZ Forum and I can assist you further.
      Regards, Derek.

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