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Q: What is the difference between Save As and Render As in Sony Vegas?

Answer: These are two separate functions and are often misunderstood by beginners learning Sony Movie Studio Platinum or Sony Vegas Pro.

Save As

When you are working on any Vegas or Movie Studio project and wish to SAVE your project, go to ProjectSave As. This saves a .vf project file that contains all the data for your project – it does not contain any video files. It is a very, very small file. This is your master file and can be re-opened and added to as many times as you like.

You should always press Save As regularly to reduce the chances of loosing your work if you experience a crash.

Render As

A totally different function is when you press Make Movie or Render As (same thing). This makes a new video from your project.

Pressing Render As or Make Movie does NOT save your project – it is only making a video. A video is a video – nothing else.

If you want to Import more Media into an existing project, you must first re-open the small .vf project file by going to Project - Open. Then once you're happy with any additions, you then have to Render As again to make a brand new video.


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    Min · 11:33 04/02/2015
    Movie studio Plat 13 - How can you set cross fade transition to apply automatically to all media after media has been entered on timeline? When I enter it there is no overlap.
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      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 15:07 04/02/2015
      Movie Studio and Vegas Pro work more intuitively on the timeline compared to other video editing programs you may have used.
      You must overlap your media first to create a Transition in Movie Studio and then drag the transition you want into the overlap area. I have an FAQ on this topic here:
      This is how Movie Studio and Vegas Pro have worked since day 1 many, many years ago.

      There is a setting you can turn on in the Movie Studio Preferences, for when you are importing media as a group to the timeline. Go to Options - Preferences - Editing tab.
      Look for Automatically overlap multiple selected media and other settings.
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    Alan Maynard · 01:42 10/04/2014
    MS13 crashed. I had finished my rough edit in the trimmer and all sub-clips were made along with my screen captures without a hitch. The question is I now want to save the project to a different name as advised by MS. I am going from NAME 2.VF to NAME 3.VF keeping the same folder. In the process it I clicked COPY MEDIA WITH PROJECT then I’m asked COPY SOURCE MEDIA or CREATE TRIMMED COPIES OF SOURCE MEDIA. Which is the correct option so all of the Project Media is preserved under the new file name?
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      • Member
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      · 12:06 10/04/2014
      When you select [B]Copy Media with Project[/B], Movie Studio makes a Copy of your original source Videos, Pictures and Audio Files and saves this with the Project Files. Normally this is completely unnecessary, because you already have the originals on your Hard Drive. The originals are never changed. The main situation were this function is useful, is if you wanted to take your project to another computer to continue editing. Saving a copy of the source files allows you to continue editing.
      The second window that pops open gives you the option to save Full Copies of all your Media "Copy Source Media" OR to save Trimmed Copies (just the bits that are needed) "Create Trimmed Copies or Source Media". The 2nd option will not work for all file types, so quite often it will end up saving the entire files anyway.
      So if you do want to save a copy of ALL your media files with your projects, the first option of [B]"Copy Source Media"[/B] is the easiest.

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