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Vegas DVD Architect Update History

  • To find which build version for Vegas DVD Architect you currently have installed, open DVD Architect and go to Help/About.
  • Since the release of Vegas Pro 14 and Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14, Magix now supplies the same professional version of DVD Architect.
  • Vegas DVD Architect is equivalent to DVD Architect Pro, which use to come with older Sony Vegas Pro versions.
  • DVD Architect Studio, which use to come packaged with Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13 and older is now retired.

PLEASE NOTE: Download links will NOT work in latest version of Google Chrome - they will be blocked!
To download program updates, please use Firefox, Edge or Opera web browsers OR right-click download link, select Copy Link Address and copy into a New Tab, then enter to begin download.

Vegas DVD Architect [7] (build #100) - Update 3

Download link 
Vegas DVD Architect (build #100)

Bug fixes

  • Interactive Tutorials have been localized properly
  • Blu-ray discs can now be prepared and burned regardless of which theme the user decides to use
  • M2TS files no longer cause a crash when selected in the Explorer window
  • Preparing a multiangle Blu-ray disc no longer causes a crash

Vegas DVD Architect [7] (build #84) - Update 2.1

Download link 
Vegas DVD Architect (build #84)

Build #84 was never publicly announced, as it was only a minor internal update and did not contain any new product features.

Vegas DVD Architect [7] (build #67) - Update 2

Download link 
Vegas DVD Architect (build #67)

New features

  • Added Polish language support

Bug fixes

  • Properly imports files received from the VEGAS Movie Studio Make Movie wizard when you choose to burn a disc with menus
  • 5.1 Blu-ray discs authored by DVD Architect now play correctly in external players

Vegas DVD Architect [7] (build #54) - Update 1

New features

  • 20 New Themes


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    • Member
    · 20:30 16/03/2019
    There was also Vegas DVD Architect (7) build 84. It was not actively publicised to the customers as it was "just a minor maintenance update (some code refactored), and [without] a significant impact on the user experience".

    Also, build 54 was probably the first release of (Magix) Vegas DVD Architect (7). The updates are numbered according to how Magix announced them even though there was never any Update 1 announced. As Nick Hope asked regarding this on the "official" forum, "The latest is DVDA7 build 54 and can be downloaded [here]. It's been available for a good while but you're right, there was no announcement about it, and I have no idea what's changed. What were the previous DVDA 7 build numbers anyway?"
    • Your comment will be reviewed by a moderator before it is published on the site.
      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 13:17 18/03/2019
      Thanks vkmast
      I couldn't find any official download links for build versions #84 and #54 when I originally wrote the article, so didn't bother mentioning them. I have now added some extra notations for these build versions above, in case there are any users who may have build #84 or #54 installed.

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