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In this tutorial I show how to Install a Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit Operating System, Drivers, Setting the BIOS in a New Computer and Folder Management.

This can be the most challenging part of Building your own Computer. There are a lot of steps, especially when it comes to installing all the drivers for your computer and setting up your folder structures correctly if you are using more than one Hard Drive or SSD for storage.

Just take it one step at a time and don't panic. If you experience any problems, then make a check list of what you have done and mark off the things that you know have definitly been done correctly. That way you can narrow down which step you may have done incorrectly. There is literally thousands and thousands of pages on the internet from people who have experinced problems and found solutions. So if you do run into any problems, just type your question into Google and start reading people's solutions - you're bound to find something quickly and easily.

This is a follow up video to my "How to Build a Fast Computer for Video Editing in 2011" series.

Here is a link back to the original video series for how to build a computer:
How to Build a Computer in 2011 for Fast Video Editing & Gaming Part 1/2
How to Build a Computer in 2011 for Fast Video Editing & Gaming Part 2/2

In this tutorial I show you how to install a Windows 7 Operating System and all the Drivers to make your new computer work properly. I also show a couple of setting changes to optimise your system if you have more than one hard disc drive installed.

What if I don't have a Disc with Drivers on it ?

If you are re-installing Windows 7 on an existing computer and do not have a Drivers Disc,  go to the manufacturers website for your Computer or Motherboard and look up the model of your PC or Motherboard. Here you will find a Drivers Download section, where you can choose the right set of Drivers for the particular Windows Operating System you are using.

If you normally use Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet and cannot get a connection after re-installing Windows, try connecting your machine directly to the modem in your house via an ethernet cable. This should give you a connection so you can download and install any missing drivers. If you cannot do this, try using a another working computer in your house and download all the drivers to a USB drive or go to an Internet Cafe and do the same thing. Then you can transfer and install all the drivers for your computer and get it up and running in no time.

Most important first Driver to install

The first most important Drivers to install are for your Graphics Card. This is because your computer monitor will look very primitive without a proper driver to instruct the graphics card. If your computer has a dedicated Nvidia or AMD Radeon graphics card, you can go directly to either one of these websites and download the very latest drivers. As soon as the graphics drivers are installed, your monitor will go back to being full HD display.


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